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 MCH & Chronic Disease Collaboration

AMCHP is currently partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Reproductive Health, Applied Science Branch/Research and Evaluation Team and the National Association of Chronic Disease Director’s (NACDD) Women’s Health Council on projects to support collaboration between Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Chronic Disease (CD) programs. The goals of these projects include the early prevention of chronic diseases, improving birth outcomes and promoting women’s health across the lifespan. Increasing collaboration between MCH and chronic disease programs is a priority identified by AMCHP’s Board of Directors and members.

In the first stage of this partnership, which is currently underway, AMCHP, DRH and NACDD are working with three states (MO, OH, WV) using an adapted Action Learning Collaborative (ALC) model to address gestational diabetes (GDM) and prevent type 2 diabetes. ALCs are intensive training programs that bring diverse agencies and programs together to tackle priority issues in maternal and child health. The state teams are composed of state departments of health and MCH and chronic disease staff and other key stakeholders.

Major tasks included in this activity include: holding a workshop that brought the three states together to begin their collaborative efforts; providing technical assistance and mentoring to state teams; gathering information, data and resources about state effective practice; and conducting comprehensive evaluations of this effort through baseline and follow up assessments. Additionally, each state team will work to develop mechanisms to network across state teams and to share promising strategies and other information to address GDM and enhance program collaboration.