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 Toolbox Submission and Inclusion Criteria

Based on a working definition of a tool (a handheld device that helps accomplish a task) and potentially useful attributes of a tool, CDC and AMCHP staff  formulated some inclusion criteria for the Toolbox. The aim was to feature tools that had the following attributes:

  • Readily available online
  • Designed to facilitate the receipt or provision of clinical preventive services applicable to or specifically targeted to women with disabilities
  • Interactive or hands-on
  • User-friendly or requiring minimal training
  • Useful to clinicians, communities and public health service programs, and educators who interact with practitioners and women with disabilities, and women with disabilities as applicable

Those attributes formed the basis for inclusion criteria and eliminated information-only items such as, brochures, fact sheets, bibliographies and organizational listings. The tools identified are stand-alone products that might be useful in multi-component interventions.

Submit a Tool

To submit an online request to add a specific tool that meets the criteria above, visit or contact Kate Taft at