Every Mother Initiative

With support of Merck for Mothers, AMCHP is launching a three year initiative to help states address maternal health issues in their community through strengthening and enhancing state maternal mortality surveillance systems and use the data from these systems to take action in developing and implementing population-based strategies and policy change to prevent maternal death and improve maternal health outcomes.

The Every Mother Initiative will begin with a 15-month Action Learning Collaborative (ALC) among six states with existing maternal mortality review programs. ALC’s are a multidisciplinary learning community that analyzes a public health problem and implements program and policy solutions. Core components of the Every Mother ALC include in-person and virtual technical assistance, peer to peer learning between teams, and a Translation Support Sub-award to help fund implementation of community recommendations based on maternal mortality surveillance system data and analysis.

Through the Every Mother Initiative, it is AMCHP’s goal that all states and territories have full capacity to support their maternal mortality surveillance systems and use data to change programs and policies at all levels to eliminate preventable maternal death.

Apply to participate as a team in the Every Mother Action Learning Collaborative (ALC)

States, territories or urban centers who have identified Maternal Mortality Review (MMR) committee members and who are currently reviewing maternal deaths on a regular basis are eligible to apply to the Every Mother Initiative ALC.

  • To access the Every Mother ALC request for applications (RFA) click here.
  • For a word version of the team roster template click here.

UPDATE: The submission deadline has been extended.  Applications are now due on June 28, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.

UPDATE: We anticipate notifying state teams by the end of the day on Thursday, July 25th.  With the extended submission deadline, we needed some extra time to process applications.  Thank you for your understanding!

RFA Orientation and Q&A

  • To access slides from the Every Mother RFA Orientation and Q&A session here.
  • UPDATE: Answers to specific questions about the database system are available here.

Staff Contact

Tegan Callahan, MPH
Program Manager, Women’s & Infant Health
(202) 266-3051