Epidemiology & Evaluation

AMCHP considers national and state issues relevant to the use of data and other kinds of information to assess needs, monitor health status and problems, develop policies and programs, and evaluate and assure the quality, efficacy and effectiveness of interventions designed to promote family health. AMCHP collaborates within and across agencies at the national and state level to address the need to integrate data, programs and policy for improved health among maternal and child populations. AMCHP also provides state leadership with information and assistance in building states' data capacity.

The Epidemiology and Evaluation Team

In November of 2014, the Epidemiology and Evaluation team was formed. The Epidemiology and Evaluation Team's activities support MCH Epidemiology Capacity in states and territories by:

  • Providing opportunities for training, technical assistance, and other support to MCH epidemiologists and data staff in states to build skills and capacity
  • Support the spread of effective MCH practices and innovations in epidemiology, data, and assessment
  • Communicate the crucial need for MCH data by engaging key audiences

To learn more about our team, visit our interactive team programs and services site.

Epidemiology Support Services

Through support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Department of Reproductive Health (DRH), AMCHP created Epidemiology Support Services (ESS). ESS is a structured way for AMCHP to provide epidemiology support and connections to peer epidemiologists and field experts who can provide insight on applied MCH epidemiology projects and issues. AMCHP's Epidemiology and Evaluation team provides and organize technical assistance (TA) on epidemiology and data related issues. To learn more about who staffs our Epidemiology and Evaluation team, please see our interactive team programs and services site.

The goal of Epidemiology Support Services is to provide AMCHP's membership with quality epidemiology TA. While this TA occurred in the past when needed, ESS provides members with a clear and structured way to request TA related to data/epi needs.

To request epidemiology related TA, please click here and fill out the appropriate information. Your request will be forwarded directly to a member of AMCHP's Epidemiology and Evaluation team who will contact you at the contact information you provide.

Examples of TA that could be requested include but are not limited to:

  • Data linkage
  • Life course indicator analysis
  • Survey data analysis
  • Infographics and data visualization
  • Evaluation design and measurement

Support may be provided in the form of direct TA from a member of AMCHP's Epidemiology and Evaluation team or through a connection to an expert in the field. TA can occur via phone, email, web-session, or on-site.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Current Projects

Epidemiology and Evaluation activities are funded by cooperative agreements with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Reproductive Health and the Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

Visit our Resources page for new and current resources that enhance the knowledge base of data and assessment practices in maternal and child health!

Staff Contact

Cheryl Clark, DrPH, RHIA
Associate Director, Epidemiology and Evaluation
(202) 266-3053