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 July Collaborative Coaching Call

The last two webinars have provided us with the opportunity to discuss strategies: 1) to understand how to use the Plan Do Study Act cycle to test changes in a rapid manner and 2) to understand key principles for sustaining and spreading the changes.

Recorded webinars: Testing Changes (PDSA Cycles) and Sustaining & Spread

On July 13th @ 3pm ET, we will host our last Collaborative Coaching Call. The purpose is to take a "pause" point and allow you time to reflect and share your insights and experience using the new tools and concepts. Please join us to ask questions and share your reflections. 

This will NOT be a didactic/lecture style call. Rather, it will be a call that is driven by your sharing and discussion. The call will be only as good as your participation, so please come prepared to share with each other. Below are some questions to help you reflect. We look forward to sharing and learning with you.

Reflection Questions

Think about the key topics we discussed (Plan Do Study Act cycle and Sustainability and Spread) and reflect on the following:

  • What principles or key points about these topics did you find new or refreshing?
  • How might you use the PDSA cycle and sustainability/spread principles within your program?
  • What feels most challenging about using the PDSA cycles and sustainability/spread principles?
  • If you have used PDSA cycles or sustainability/spread principles, what insights and lessons learned have you unearthed?
  • What are some "muddy points" you have about any of the topic areas covered in the QI series?
  • How do you plan to use the tools we've discussed in the QI series?