Ryan Colburn Scholarship

Ryan Colburn was an amazing young man with varied interests ranging from singing in a choir to sports (he was an avid Auburn and Atlanta Braves fan and played the outfield in Miracle League Baseball).  He touched the hearts and lives of all he came in contact with his contagious personality and unforgettable smile. Ryan also carried a strong message to the disability community imploring others with disabilities to live life to the fullest.  In honor of his life and his affirming message to the disability community, family leader, advocate and AMCHP member Susan Colburn, in partnership with AMCHP, established the Ryan Colburn Scholarship in 2011.

What is the Ryan Colburn Scholarship?

The Ryan Colburn Scholarship was created to keep alive the work that Ryan had started in the recent years before his passing, speaking at local and national conferences about growing up with a disability and the spreading the message of the importance of living life to the fullest.  The Scholarship provides support for a youth-with-disabilities leader to attend the AMCHP Annual Conference, connect with family leaders, and continue to spread Ryan’s message of hope.


Who Should Apply?

Eligibility Criteria

  • 18-25 years of age, with special health care need(s).

  • Consistent, active participation in public and/or community service activities.

  • Must be a recipient of services with state Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs programs, MCH and/or Title V.

  • Preferences may be given to individuals that have demonstrated active participation as a youth leader in the disability   community or with public health/maternal and child health. 

  • First time attendee at the AMCHP Annual Conference. 

  • NOTE: If you have previously attended the AMCHP Annual Conference you are not eligible to apply.


Expectations of Scholarship Recipient 

  • Attend the entire conference (January 24 – 27, 2015 in Washington, DC). 

  • Visit your US House of Representatives and Senates to educate about Title V during the 2015 Annual Conference.

  • Develop a plan on how you will share the information and resources with other youth. 

  • Engage with a mentor identified by AMCHP before, during, and after the annual conference on a monthly basis (November 2014 – March 2015). 

  • Submit a picture for inclusion in AMCHP publications. 

  • Share with AMCHP and their mentor the impact and outcomes of their activities. 

  • Provide own personal care assistant and cover any related costs, if necessary. 

Application Requirements 

An applicant for the Ryan Colburn Scholarship Fund must submit the following materials in one email: 

  •  A completed application.
  • A personal statement that address the questions listed in the application  ( No more than 150 words for each question). 
  •  A resume outlining academic, leadership, extracurricular, community, and/or work involvement (no more than two pages).
  • Two reference forms submitted directly to AMCHP on their behalf.
    • The two reference forms must be completed by individuals other than family members and returned by the adults making the reference.
    • One form must be completed by a professional and/or clinical staff associated with state CYSHCN, MCH or Title V programs.
  • An applicant must agree to allow AMCHP to use their name, picture, and or/story for future scholarship materials. 


Check back soon for applications for the 2016 scholarship!                                                                  

Please share this valuable opportunity with a youth leader you know, and/or pass it through your channels to reach youth leaders who may be interested.

If you have questions about the scholarship fund, please contact Michelle Jarvis at mjarvis@amchp.org or (202) 775-1472