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 2020 Go Beyond MCH Emerging MCH Graduate Student Scholarship

All submissions must be received by Friday, January 10, 2020, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time in order to be considered. Click here to access the application: AMCHP Go Beyond Scholarship Application_2020.doc

Thank you for your interest in the Go Beyond MCH Emerging MCH Graduate Student Scholarship. Since 2012, Go Beyond has offered this scholarship to emerging, exceptional Scholars who are completing their graduate work in an MCH field. The Scholarship funds are designed to assist graduate students in furthering their education while sponsoring their attendance at the AMCHP Annual Conference to hone their leadership skills and connect them with existing leaders within MCH. This is a special scholarship that we provide exclusively through our partnership with AMCHP.

The Go Beyond MCH Graduate Student Scholarship is an annual award in the amount of $3500 made by Go Beyond MCH at the AMCHP conference. The scholarship recognizes an outstanding graduate student that is completing their Masters or Doctorate in an MCH field. The award has two parts: educational expenses and AMCHP conference registration and related travel expenses to attend the AMCHP 2020 Annual Conference being held March 21-24 in Crystal City, Virginia. The award in its entirety will be presented to the MCH Scholar at the conference.

2020 will be the eighth annual award of the scholarship. Every Scholar previously awarded has been an exceptional, inspiring "new generation" MCH professional and we are proud of our scholarship alumni and the contribution that they are already making to MCH.

The scholarship application and selection process is managed by The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP). Go Beyond MCH has no part in this process. You will receive an application from AMCHP along with this document which contains all of the actual scholarship requirements, info, etc. Go Beyond MCH does not see any of the applications nor do we know who the successful Scholar is until the AMCHP selection process is complete.

As you apply for this scholarship I want to make sure that you know that you, your work and your ideas and aspirations are all very much appreciated by all of us in MCH. We support and encourage you as an emerging MCH leader. Best of luck to you in all regards. And once again THANK YOU.

Best Regards,

Allan Stamm, CEO
Go Beyond MCH

Scholarship Information


The Scholarship is a “reimbursement” award which means that the Scholar will be reimbursed as specified for costs that they will initially incur. The exception to this is a qualifying Educational Expense that may be incurred in the future, such as tuition for a workshop, seminar, etc., as long as there is a specific documented cost provided by the time of the award at the AMCHP conference. Travel expenses to and from the conference and accommodations at and during the conference are the responsibility of the Scholar and they can use the Part Two allowance as reimbursement for these expenses as they see fit.

Part One: Educational Expenses

AWARD AMOUNT: $2,000.00

The scholarship will provide financial assistance for tuition and other educational costs directly related to the MCH graduate degree track of the awarded student. Other educational costs can include activities and tools directly related to the MCH career path that provide advanced or supportive skills in the field of study and, in some cases, tools and the training required to use these tools.

Eligible Education Expenses

Requests for approval of costs other than direct tuition will be evaluated as they are submitted. Some eligible examples are:

  1. Statistical software licenses and training required for studies or industry related applications.
  2. Books and manuals required for degree related study.
  3. Books in area of specialization usually out of print and difficult to find text books or statistical software user manuals.
  4. Fees for data access, computer or lab time, etc. required for research or other areas of study needed to complete degree.
  5. Workshops, seminars or courses, not paid by tuition, where credit would be given related to area of study or where a certificate or accredited credential would be received.
  6. Data Collection such as survey printing and distribution expenses, transcription, respondent compensation, archival research time, copies, etc.

Part One Reimbursement Requirements

Part One Reimbursement Requests must include:

  • A detailed description of the item(s) being submitted for consideration
  • Cost of the item(s) being submitted for consideration
  • Relevance and benefit to the MCH career path
  • Dates and duration of time if the request is for an activity such as a workshop, seminar or course
  • If the request is for reimbursement a copy of a paid invoice or receipt

Note: In some cases, depending on the nature of the request, the student may be asked to provide contact or other information necessary to verify the item(s) submitted. Requests can be submitted by mail, or as an attachment to an email (preferred). Requests submitted in the body of an email will not be accepted.

Part Two: AMCHP Annual Conference & Travel Expenses

Award Amount: $1,500

The conference travel expenses portion of the scholarship will cover up to $1,500 in costs associated with attending the 2020 AMCHP Annual Conference held in Crystal City, Virginia, on March 21-24, 2020.

 Eligible expenses include:

  • Airfare, ground transportation and other travel expenses.
  • *Hotel
  • A per diem allowance for meals and incidentals ($65)


  • Scholar will be responsible to make their own travel arrangements (flight, ground transportation.)
  • *AMCHP will reserve a room for the Scholar. While the Scholar is not obligated to this room should they have other accommodations during the conference IF they DO intend to use this room provided by AMCHP they must confirm this with AMCHP no later than 2/22/2020. The cost of the room is covered as an allowable Part Two reimbursable conference expense.
  • The remainder of the $1500 award (minus the cost of the hotel) can be applied to reimburse the costs of any of the other eligible travel expenses or conference registration as the Scholar chooses. Or, if the travel expenses, hotel and conference registration costs do not total $1500, the Scholar can use the balance of the Part Two award for additional Part One educational expenses. If the balance of the $1500 not used for the conference expenses is applied to Part One eligible items supporting receipts must be provided in accordance with the Part One Reimbursement Request requirements with thirty (30) days of the Conference end date of March 24, 2020.

For additional informaiton please contact:

Caroline Stampfel at