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 Workforce & Leadership Development

​Welcome to the Workforce and Leadership Development Page!

AMCHP’s Workforce and Leadership Development (WLD) team’s mission is to support a diverse, effective, and competent workforce in state and territorial Title V programs. In an effort to strengthen the maternal and child health (MCH) workforce, our WLD team develops resources, trainings, and manages three cohorts within AMCHP's Leadership Lab, New Director Leaders, Next Generation Leaders and the Family Leaders cohort.  ​​

Developing MCH Leaders

AMCHP believes that leaders can be developed by enhancing natural ability with learned skill development through formal and informal learning opportunities, experience, dialogue, role modeling, feedback, mentoring and coaching, and more. Assuring quality MCH services for this ubiquitous public health landscape will require MCH professionals to take a strong leadership role and AMCHP has the resources and programs to develop strong MCH leaders through the following resources and programs:

  • The New Director Leaders Cohort 
  • Family Leaders Cohort 
  • Next Generation Leaders Cohort
  • Webinars
  • MCH Workforce Resources 


AMCHP Workforce and Leadership Development Program Effort

Meet the AMCHP staff who can assist you with all of your Workforce and Leadership Development needs:

Michelle Jarvis, Specialist, Family Engagement and Leadership Development (

              familiar17.png  Manages all of AMCHP's family engagement work 

             personal growth.png   Manages the Family Leaders cohort within AMCHP's Leadership Lab ​​       

             network17.png  Develops webinars, issue briefs and other family engagement resources

Nisa Hussain, Program Analyst, Workforce and Leadership Development  (

              personal growth.png Manages 2 cohorts within AMCHP's ​​Leadership Lab (New Director and Next Generation Leaders)​

​              search26.png Curates resources and works with national partners to identify workforce needs and gaps  

                 network17.pngDevelops webinars, e-learning modules and other Title V workforce development resources