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 Leadership Lab

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Leadership Development at AMCHP 

Team Building.jpgState and territorial Title V staff are entrusted with carrying out the mission of Title V to improve the health of all mothers, children, including children with special health care needs, and their families. To achieve this laudable aim, staff must exhibit leadership skills on a daily basis, from communicating the importance of Title V to creating a vision for success, to creating a culture of co-creation and collaborating with stakeholders to aligning activities. AMCHP believes leadership skills are developed throughout your life and career. For nearly 20 years, AMCHP has supported the development of maternal and child health leaders – family leaders, MCH, Title V and CYSHCN Directors – through formal and informal learning opportunities, experience, dialogue, feedback, peer-to-peer learning, mentoring, coaching, and more. To meet the expanding needs of Title V staff, AMCHP redesigned our approach to leadership development by launching the Leadership Lab in 2015. The Leadership Lab is a unique developmental activity for state and territorial Title V staff who have the desire to pursue greater leadership responsibility.  

The Leadership Lab is structured to allow Title V staff from across the workforce (Family Leaders, new Title V and MCH Directors, CYSHCN Directors, Next Generation MCH Leaders, and MCH / Title V Epidemiologists) to learn from each other. The lab also provides opportunities to learn from role-based peers.  Below you will find the different cohorts within the Leadership Lab.

The Leadership Lab requires a 10-month commitment by participants from January 2017 through October 2017. Participants are matched with a mentor/peer and charged with crafting an individual development plan, completing self-directed learning modules, participating in quarterly webinars, and peer-to-peer calls. 

Please note the application process is competitive for the Family Leaders Cohort, Next Generation MCH Leaders Cohort, and Epi-Net P2P Cohort.  

The program uses a three-pronged approach: 3 pronged approach.png

  • Learning: includes formal and informal learning, through such events as virtual trainings/workshops, on-the-job experience and interaction with peers, co-workers and mentors.

  • Mentoring/coaching: transmits knowledge, wisdom, experience, and support from a more seasoned professional to a less-seasoned professional.  Each program participant (mentee) is matched with an experienced mentor through a selective application process.

  • Peer-to-peer interaction: facilitates learning in a group setting.  AMCHP uses a cohort model for its leadership development cohorts to support the Leadership Lab—activities are used to support cohort engagement and collaborative learning to increase professional networks.

If you want to review the previous application for the cohort you are interested in, please visit the cohort's web page above to access a PDF file of the application.


 Program Purpose

​​businessman213.pngThe Leadership Lab is designed to provide program participants with knowledge, tools and resources to enhance their development as MCH leaders. Participation in the Leadership Lab will support MCH leaders as they promote policies, programs, and systems at the national, state and or local-level that impact the health and well-being of women, children, and families, including children and youth with special health care needs. ​

 Program Benefits

personal growth (1).png​​​Participants in the Leadership Lab
  • ​​​​​Gain a greater understanding of Title V

  • Increase their understanding of AMCHP

  • Enhance their network of leaders, parent professionals, MCH and CYSHCN professionals

  • Receive mentoring from experienced MCH leaders

  • Commit to personal transformation and mastery

  • Increase individual knowledge related to key topics

  • Increase individual knowledge related to MCH Leadership Competencies

  • Provide feedback on how to improve the Leadership Lab

  • Attend the AMCHP annual conference

    • ​​​​I​​​​​​n addition to developing leadership skills and building their network of MCH leaders, another key benefit of being selected as a participant is attending the AMCHP annual conference. Conference attendees have consistently praised the value of the conference as a way to network with other MCH professionals and Title V programs and to understand more clearly how Title V/ the MCHB Block Grant makes a difference in the lives of children, youth, families and communities.

 Feedback from Participants

leader.pngFeedback from Members

New Directors Leaders Cohort (formerly New Directors Mentor Program (NDMP))
  • "The NDMP was critical in acclimating me to my role as Title V Director. It was my primary source for orientation to the world of Title V. Moreover, the vision, leadership, and direction I was able to provide for my agency, MCH Council, and state partners would not have been as structured or "developed" without the NDMP."

  • "The program was extremely helpful as it allowed me to realize that although I was new in this role, MCH is changing and no one has all the answers, but it is beneficial to have someone to call to "figure out" a process or response to questions and issues."

Family Leaders Cohort (formerly Family Scholars Program (FSP))
  • "I enjoyed my time with FSP. I really feel honored to have this opportunity. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to gain knowledge; learn leadership skills; and learn how to be more effective within their Title V programs which they can take back and share within their State. I also want to thank Michelle for her encouragement to each of us."

  • "Loved the experience! I have grown personally and professionally."

Leadership Instituted for CYSHCN Directors (LICD)
  • "LICD is excellent - informative - allows for much needed positive networking with other directors"

  • ​​"Being a new director, all of the info shared was helpful, but the most helpful was putting me at a table with experienced directors and giving us time to talk about issues."​


strategical.pngThe Leadership Lab is a 10-month development program guided by the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Leadership Competencies. The MCH Leadership Competencies fall into three domains of leadership development: self, others, and the wider community.

MCH Leadership Competencies which may be addressed through Leadership Lab components:

1. MCH knowledge base

2. Self-Reflection

3. Ethics/Professionalism

4. Critical thinking

5. Communication

6. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

7. Cultural competency

8. Family centered care

9. Developing Others

10. Working with communities and systems

11. Policy and advocacy

12. Interdisciplinary Team Building

​For more information on the MCH Leadership Competencies, visit:

 Lab Activities

​​personal growth (1).pngLeaders​hip Lab Activities

In​​-person meeting. The Leadership Lab features an in-person meeting in Washington, DC at the 2016 AMCHP Annual Conference in January 2016.

Distance Learning. The program features virtual trainings on specific topics. In addition to virtual trainings, participants may be assigned program readings or monthly stretch assignments to support learning and development.

Individual Development Plan. Development planning is an on-going, evolutionary process. The Leadership Lab Individual Development Plan provides the structure to support participants in creating goals that positively impact and support their growth as leaders.

Mentor/Mentee Relationship. Leadership Lab participants (New Director Leaders, Family Leaders, and MCH Epis) are matched with a mentor and participate in individual virtual mentoring calls and group mentoring calls.

Peer-to-peer Support. Leadership Lab participants receive peer-to-peer support through a SharePoint site for participants only, networking on webinars, emails, and group mentee calls. ​