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 Family Leaders Cohort

​​businessman213.png​AMCHP’s Family Leaders Cohort (FLC) is a 10-month program geared for family leader professionals that want to develop their leadership skills at the state and/or national level. Through the cohort, family leaders will expand their Title V network, MCH knowledge, and skills to be future Title V leaders.


    • Have an interest in impacting Title V programs.

    • Must be a parent OR family member of (i.e., sibling, grandparent, etc.) of a child or youth served by a Title V Program (e.g. CYSHCN, autism, traumatic brain injury, Crohn’s disease, oral health, etc.).

    • Must be one of the following:

      • Preference will be given if you are the current AMCHP Family Delegate for your state.

      • A volunteer, consultant OR staff member of a Title V program OR

      • Work with a Title V funded program (such as Parent to Parent, Family Voices, Family to Family Health Information Center, etc.) OR

    • Be a leader within your community at the local, state, or national level.

    • Have support from a Title V, MCH or CYSHCN Director to submit your application.

      • You will agree to work with your Title V Program or a Title V funded program throughout the coming year.

    • Have support from your supervisor to participate in the Family Leaders Cohort throughout January – October.

      • If necessary, work with your Title V organization or supported agency to secure employer support to participate in monthly virtual trainings, mentor/mentee calls, and attend the in-person kick off meeting and the AMCHP Annual Conference.

    • Cannot have previously been an AMCHP Family Scholar or AMCHP Family Mentor.

    • Be committed to growing in your leadership.

    • Be committed to stretching yourself.

    • Must be willing, and have the support needed, to commit approximately 3 – 6 hours per month to program requirements (not including the in-person meeting and annual conference.

Benefits of participating in the FLC:

    • Gaining a greater understanding of Title V

    • Increasing your understanding of AMCHP and the tools and resources available

    • Widening your network of family and Title V leaders

    • Giving and receiving mentoring from your peers

    • Increasing your knowledge related to key MCH and leadership topics

    • Attending the AMCHP Annual Conference. Through support from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, AMCHP will award scholarships to family leaders as participants of the Family Leaders Cohort. The scholarship covers the cost associated with attending the conference (conference registration, travel, hotel accommodations, and per diem).

Cohort Components

Cohort components of the FLC include one face-to-face meeting either prior to or after the AMCHP Annual Conference on March 9-12, 2019; a cohort-only SharePoint; mentoring/coaching; ongoing peer learning; and a series of monthly virtual trainings targeted around leadership development and pertinent topics to support you in your role.​