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Life Course Stories

youtube icon Rhode IslandYouTube video of AMCHP's interview with Ana Novais, Executive Director, Division of Community, Family Health & Equity, Rhode Island Department of Health, to tell us about her state's successes around the Life Course.

Educational Tools

Prenatal Care* 

*Provided by the California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Division (CDPH/MCAH) - CDPH/MCAH fully supports the construct of social determinants of health as a means to reduce health disparities. Social conditions such as poverty, lack of social support, racial discrimination and other sources of stress are considered by many experts play an important role in health including birth outcomes. These social, economic, and racial stresses may occur not only during pregnancy but also across a women's entire lifespan, potentially affecting subsequent generations.

Preconception Health*

*Provided by the Florida Department of Health, Infant, Maternal and Reproductive Health Unit

Young Adults*

*Provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, First Time Motherhood/New Parents Initiative

Health Equity*

*Provided by the Rhode Island Department of Health, Division of Community, Family Health and Equity 


Please contact Kate Taft, Program Manager for Child Health, if you are interested in submitting a resource to the State Life Course Resource Center.