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 Research and Additional Resources

Life Course Resource Guide

MCH Life Course Research Network - This Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website provides researchers, practitioners, policymakers and consumers with a mechanism for interacting, sharing information and tools, and engaging in collaborative and innovative projects, including the development of a life course research agenda.

Life Course Resource Guide - This website, developed by HRSA's MCH Training Program, provides useful information on life course teaching resources, implementation tools, and research. Visit the site for fact sheets and policy briefs, peer-reviewed journal articles, presentations and course lecture series, examples of local initiatives and more.

MCH Navigator: Life Course and Social Determinants Framework
Launched by MCHB, the MCH Navigator is a centralized portal for pursuing continuous learning in maternal and child health and is designed to help emerging and established MCH professionals map professional growth pathways. The site has educational modules related to life course, including a whole graduate course, that are available online and free.

MCH Library Life Course and Social Determinants Resource Brief: The MCH Library at Georgetown Unviersity provides resource provides a biography of life course related materials, resources guides as tools for life course theory, and other resources on the life course and social determinants of health, including a knowledge path on racial and ethnic disparities in health.