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 Best Practices

AMCHP Innovation Station


Innovation Station is AMCHP's searchable database of emerging, promising and best practices in MCH! This database allows you to learn more about MCH programs across the U.S. and to benefit from the lessons learned by your peers. Below is a list of innovative programs that use or are based on the Life Course theory. Click on the program title to download a summary of activities, evaluation, outcomes, lessons learned and resources. 

Promising Practice: Oklahoma Health Women, Healthy Futures (HWHF) - HWHF is based in Life Course Theory which addresses the importance of early programming to one's future health and development through both intergenerational programming (a woman's preconception health) and prenatal programming (in utero).

Emerging Practice: Power Your Life Preconception Health Campaign -  The Power Your Life campaign aimed to raise awareness of preconception health and increase consumption of folic acid. Resources developed for the campaign included a health magazine based on Life Course topics and continuing medical education (CME) resources that offer a Life Course perspective to treating women.

Promising Practice: Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait Community Program (HBWW) - HBWW uses a multi-faceted, “real world” design and evidence-based clinical and public health interventions to prevent late preterm birth. The innovative design is based on major concepts of health promotion and prevention, including the life-course perspective model of health development.