Cultural Competency

AMCHP held a topical call on Cultural Competency in May 2009. Click here to access the recording.


  • Suzanne Bronheim, Director, SIDS/ID Project & Senior Policy Associate at the NCCC
  • Wendy Jones, Director, Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs Project, NCCC
  • Michael Maloney, Executive Director, Organization on Autism Research (OAR)
  • Dr. Brenda Smith Myles, Autism Society of America
  • Marguerite Colston, Vice President of Constituent Relations, Autism Society of America


States are currently working hard to develop culturally competent programs that raise awareness about ASD and engage newly diagnosed families from culturally, linguistically, and geographically diverse communities.  Populations of specific concern to the State Demonstration Grantees include Hispanic, Native American, and rural families.

Call Materials