State Spotlight: Wisconsin


Wisconsin has a very large diverse urban center, a small center which is the seat of the state government and major higher education center and other small cities and rural areas. These characteristics, in addition to the large Native American population, makes this state particularly

Grantee Team

The grant team is led by the University of Wisconsin Waisman Center. Partners include the Wisconsin Maternal and Child Health Title V program, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C and Part B programs, parent organizations, and other state and community programs.

Project Activities

The Wisconsin Care Integration Initiative’s (WICII) approach to this grant is to pilot system changes promoting care integration based on family engagement in communities at risk. WICII will support two Engaged Community Quality Improvement Projects (ECQuIP) in medically underserved communities to implement the three evidence-informed strategies: Shared Resource, Family Navigator and Telehealth/Telemedicine. By developing and testing the three strategies for care integration in selected communities, disseminating results and determining how to spread and make successful strategies sustainable, WICII will begin to “move the needle” to lower the age at diagnosis and enrollment in services in Wisconsin for children with ASD/DD.

Project leadership will support the ECQuIP sites by providing training and technical assistance utilizing telehealth/telemedicine strategies with diagnostic experts, family navigators and outreach resources to increase the diagnostic and service capacity of communities. During Year 3, WICII will disseminate pilot data and successful strategies related to screening, referral, and service enrollment utilizing webinars/distance education, conference presentations, practice briefs and peer-reviewed publications both statewide and nationally. Project findings will be incorporated into the Wisconsin Act Early State Plan.

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