State Spotlight: Tennessee


In response to the increasing number of children and youth with ASD, and a fragmented system, the Tennessee team implemented a planning process to bring together public and private sectors, families, providers, professionals, funders, and policymakers to develop a comprehensive, coordinated system of care. The Tennessee Autism Summit Team served as the planning and advisory council for the State Planning Grant.

To learn more about Tennessee's work, visit Tenneessee's Disability Coalition Autism Plan webpage here

Project Activities

The planning process gathered data on the state of ASD care in Tennessee, developed an ASD state plan and supported an advisory panel intended to improve the system of services for children and youth with ASD/DD. The planning project addressed: partnerships between professionals and families of children and youth with ASD; access to a culturally competent, family-centered medical home that coordinates care with pediatric subspecialties and community-based services; access to adequate health insurance and financing of services; early and continuous screening for ASD and other developmental disabilities; community services organized for easy use by families; and transition to adult health care.

To download the Tennessee Autism Plan, click here.

Other Resources

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