State Spotlight: Ohio


Ohio has a large population with 88 counties. While it ranks 7th in population, in terms of land mass, it is one of the smallest states. Ohio's team consisted of:

  • Ohio's Interagency Work Group on Autism
  • Ohio Autism Coalition, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence
  • Family Child Learning Center/Akron's Children's Hospital
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital Autism Treatment Network
  • Ohio's two University Centers of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
  • Ohio State University
  • LEND programs
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati

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Project Activities

Ohio's team goals were:

  • Empowering and educating families to navigate Ohio's system of care
  • Increasing access to early intervention services in resource-poor areas of the state
  • Improving the continuity of care and support through important life transitions
  • Increasing cultural competence in medical practice to care for individuals with disabilities

Project activities are described below.

Autism-specific Curriculum

Autism specific content was developed for medicalOhio Curriculum Guide.PNG students. The curriculum was implemented in one of Ohio's top medical schools in hopes to better prepare future medical professionals to address children and adults with ASD/DD.

To view Ohio State's Autism-specific Curriculum and Guide, click here.

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Virtual Early Intervention Services

Ohio piloted a tele-early intervention approach to provide virtual home-based early intervention service to families that have geographical barriers to services.

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Public Forums

Ohio's team facilitated public forums for parents. This work resulted in the development of an Autism Minority Outreach Initiative.

This led to a variety of useful products such as:

  • Widespread dissemination of autism informational materials
  • Airing of public service announcements
  • Translation of informational materials
  • Identification of key champions for success

Successes & Lessons Learned

Ohio's team had challenges reaching families in rural, underserved areas and aligning viewpoints and efforts to facilitate work. However, Ohio was able to accomplish activities such as:

  • Build an infrastructure for a coordinated state response system to Autism
  • Establish high quality information dissemination statewide
  • Conduct outreach to Ohio's underserved
  • Provide specialized training and professional development in Autism Spectrum Disorders

These accomplishments helped raise the bar for Ohio's Autism policy development and implementation. 

To access more team resources, visit the Autism Center at OCALI's webpage here or Ohio's Interagency Work Group webpage here.

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