State Spotlight: North Dakota

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North Dakota is a very rural state, with legislation that funds an autism registry, waiver, and voucher system. North Dakota's team consists of Family Voices of North Dakota, ASD state taskforce, the Department of Public Instruction, and Children's Special Health Services.

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To learn more of North Dakota's work, visit the Support Autism in North Dakota's webpage here.

Project Activities

North Dakota's team goals included increasing screenings at well baby visits; increasing screenings by providing knowledge of warning signs at childcare, daycare and pre-school facilities; and increasing the number of diagnostic teams in the state. Project activities are described below.

Trainings in Tribal Communities

Trainings were provided to medical professionals and Head Start programs in three tribal communities. A "Red Flags of Autism" educational video was adapted for the Indian Health Services (IHS) offices.

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Air Force Exceptional Family Member ProgramNorth Dakota ASD Resource Booklet.PNG

The North Dakota team also worked with the Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program in order to provide information and training that took place at two North Dakota Air Force facilities.

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North Dakota Autism Spectrum Disorder Resource Booklet

A variety of resources were developed by the North Dakota team, included the North Dakota Autism Spectrum Disorder Resource Booklet. This booklet contains a collection of resources and information to help guide children with ASD/DD and their families in getting valuable information for proper care.

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 Successes & Lessons Learned

Some successes for this state included:

  • An statewide coordinator to help implement the state plan developed by the ASD Task Force
  • Educated over 480 childcare providers about the warning signs of autism and the M-CHAT
  • Trained over 375 medical professionals on the M-CHAT screening, billing and referral procedures
  • Created the Autism Resource Booklet 
  • All North Dakota Pediatrics that were trained by this team are now screening for ASD, which increased referrals and early intervention
  • Native American Medical professionals are also trained to identify ASD/DD with diverse training materials and resources

Some challenges included:

  • Providing trainings and information residing on Native American reservations
  • Traveling long distances during winter months
  • Billing reimbursement
  • Native Americans had many barriers to care such as cultural differences, lack of reliable transportation, lack of finances to get child care services, etc.

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