State Spotlight: New York

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New York's project - New York State Partners for Healthy Futures for Children and Youth with ASD - was designed to integrate ongoing and future activities related to all six key components of a community-based system of care for CYSHCN, while focusing specifically on early and continuous screening for ASD and access to health and other services, including evidence-based early intervention. The primary goal of the Partners for Healthy Futures was to ensure the early identification and treatment of children and youth with ASD and other developmental disabilities, resulting in lifelong improvements in health, development and functioning for these children and youth and for their families.

For more information, visit the NY Bureau of Early Intervention's webpage here.

Project Activities

Activities and accomplishments included:

  • The development of the web-ready Best Practice Protocol for Universal Screening of Young Children for ASDs by Primary Pediatric Care Providers; a companion Physician's Desk Reference was adapted and distributed to 4,500 NYS members of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Data analyses on the transition survey and clinical record review.
  • Improving access to health care via support of proposals to provide commercial insurance coverage for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of ASDs. As of 2011, NY law requires health insurance providers to offer coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of ASD. New York also included coverage for ASD screening, diagnosis, and treatment services as part of the "essential health benefits" package.
  • Increasing awareness of ASD through campaigns, web resources, etc.
  • Convening a stakeholder group on transition services and supports
  • Implementing culturally and linguistically diverse programs and training opportunities for families

Other Resources

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