State Spotlight: New Mexico

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New Mexico is a large, rural state with a culturally diverse population. The ability to provide intensive services for children with ASD has been challenging. The Autism Programs at the University of New Mexico Center for Development and Disability aimed to develop four regional ASD Regional Resource Centers throughout New Mexico.

To learn more about New Mexico's work, visit UNM's Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Programs Division webpage here.

Project Activities

Project activities included:

  • Establishment of a CDD Autism Programs Advisory Board, including representation from parent advocacy groups and state agency personnel
  • Identification of linkages to regions through telehealth, videoconferencing and local liaisons
  • Training provided statewide about development of culturally competent medical home
  • Introduction of a Medicaid service definition
  • Collaboration with the Early Childhood Evaluation Program and the Developmental Screening initiative
  • Partnerships to support the NM State ASD Plan
  • Distribution of the NM Navigation Tool, which assists families in accessing state and community services.
  • Implementation of a two day statewide conference on ASD and transition
  • Formation of Autism Oversight Team, systems wide approach to discharge planning to communities.

Other Resources

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