State Spotlight: Mississippi

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Mississippi is made up of 82 counties, with 65 counties being non-metropolitan. The state is rich in agriculture, petroleum, catfish, and music. The geography of Mississippi encompasses the fertile, flat Delta of the northwest, the Piney Woods of the South, and an abundant coastal region.

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Project Activities

The goals of Mississippi's Access to Coordinated System of Services (MACSS) for Children and Youth with ASD/DD is to provide a system of care that is:

  • Family Centered
  • Community-BasedMississippi Parent's Guide.PNG
  • Culturally Competent
  • Easily Acceptable
  • Sustainable  

Mississippi's project activities are described below.

MACSS Resource Development

MACSS aimed to increase early screening throughout rural health centers and pediatric clinics throughout the state. Secondary screenings were held at community-based educational centers.  

MACSS resources included:

Successes & Lessons Learned

There were some barriers in establishing inter-agency cooperation during this grant period. However, Mississippi's team increased local primary care provider's autism specific screening and referrals. Additionally, the provided continuing education on the importance of early screening for medical professionals, early childhood educators, and future professionals. 

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