State Spotlight: Minnesota


In the last 20 years, Minnesota has seen large increases in the number of children with ASD, yet many are not identified at a young enough age for important early interventions. This is a significant issue in minority communities and in rural communities. This grant project is designed to better meet the needs of those individuals and their families, particularly in those who are traditionally underserved. This will be accomplished by strengthening state infrastructure, increasing awareness statewide of the signs and symptoms of ASD, improving access to family-centered, coordinated, comprehensive care for children with ASD, and enhancing data collection and sharing related to ASDs.

To learn more about Minnesota's work, visit the Children with Spectrum Disorders webpage here.

Project Activities

Minnesota's project staff, advisory council members, and other stakeholders will work collaboratively with the ASD Leadership Team to implement inaugural activities related to its 2013 ASD Strategic Plan. The implementation plan calls for the formation of working groups focusing on certain vision elements from the plan including: 1) Early, timely and continuous, accessible screening and assessment; 2) Coordination of services; 3) Access to services throughout the state; 4) Well-informed, empowered and supported families and caregivers; and 5) Data-informed policy.

Other Resources

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