State Spotlight: Iowa


Iowa's Title V program for CYSHCN is uniquely located in an academic medical center. In addition, Iowa has a large amount of grandparents living with their grandchildren, where 32.7% were responsible for their grandchildren under 18 years of age.

Iowa's team includes Child Health Specialty Clinics (Iowa’s Title V CYSHCN program), in collaboration with the Iowa Autism Council; Autism Society of Iowa; Iowa’s Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics; Iowa Departments of Education, Public Health, and Human Services; Iowa Medicaid Enterprise; First Five; Autism Diagnostic and Treatment Centers; policy makers; and community providers.

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To learn more about Iowa's work, contact Peggy Swails at or (319) 353-6964.

Project Activities

Iowa's project activities focus on: 1) Improving the role of families in the Iowa ASD system of care; 2) Promoting the Regional Autism Assistance Program’s role in supporting and coordinating family-centered community based centers of services for children with ASD; and 3) Strengthening the statewide coalition working on ASD initiatives in Iowa.

Regional Autism Assistance ProgramIowa RAP Brochure.PNG

The Regional Autism Assistance Program (RAP) aims to connect children with ASD/DD and their families to services.

The RAP team provide services such as:

  • Coordinating care
  • Navigating families through the education system
  • Exploring insurance coverage and payment options
  • Communicating with diagnostic facilities and healthcare providers
  • Finding an advocacy and family support group
  • Connecting to ASD information

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Expert Panel

RAP convenes the Expert Panel to assist the Department of Human Services in developing the framework for the newly created Autism Support program.

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Other Resources

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