State Spotlight: Georgia


The Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD) at Georgia State University received the Georgia Autism Planning Grant in the fall of 2011. CLD worked with an Advisory Panel to design a structure for the plan, to organize input from varied stakeholders, and to generate preliminary recommendations for next steps. The resulting plan addresses priorities of increased awareness of autism spectrum disorder among families, providers and the public, enhanced access and coordination of services and supports across the lifespan and improved awareness and use of effective practices in serving children and youth with the disorder. Currently, CLD is implementing the Autism Plan for Georgia with community partners with the goal of improving services for children and youth with ASD in the state of Georgia.

To learn more about Georgia's work, visit Georgia's Autism Society webpage here.

Project Activities

Georgia State Autism PlanGeorgia Autism Plan.PNG

The plan addresses ten areas of activity that emerged from discussions with families, providers, and policy-makers; review of historical documents and related planning efforts in Georgia; the research literature; and examination of autism plans from other states. The ten areas are:

  • Area 1:  Early Identification & Screening
  • Area 2:  Referral & Diagnosis
  • Area 3:  Medical, Behavioral Health & Dental Services
  • Area 4:  Family Support
  • Area 5:  Early Intervention & Preschool Services
  • Area 6:  Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Area 7:  Community Services & Supports
  • Area 8:  Transition from Youth to Adult Systems
  • Area 9:  Adult Services & Supports
  • Area 10:  Emergency Preparedness & First Responders

For each area, the Georgia team developed: definitions, quality indicators, problem statements, data drivers, recommendations, and objectives.

Other Resources

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