State Spotlight: Arkansas

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‚ÄčArkansas primarily has a rural population, which contributes to barriers in access to medical homes and autism related services. Arkansas' team goals were to identify and develop resources as well as create a state plan to increase access to services.

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Project Activities

Arkansas' state team focused on identifying resources across the state, developing access maps for families with children who have ASD, and developing a state plan in order to increase access to services. The project activities are described below.  

Needs Assessment 

Arkansas' needs assessment highlighted key details about their population and its needs such as:

  • Not screening and diagnosing children until after the age of 4.7 years
  • Under identifying children from rural, poor or minority populations
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State Autism Resource GuideArkansas Project Connect Autism Resouce Guide.PNG

A new resource guide was developed under Project Connect called "The Autism Resource Guide." The purpose of the guide is to provide professionals and families a with resources to guide interventions for their children, or the children they serve.

Resources in this guide include:

  • Autism access maps
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Agencies/Organizations serving the Autism community
  • Disability Advocates
  • Therapy, Early Intervention, Diagnostic, and Screening Services 

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Successes & Lessons Learned

Arkansas' team was successful in developing a resource center for parents and resource guide, creating customized LTSAE materials for Project Connect, making referrals to agencies and organizations through their resources, and conducting screenings using LTSAE materials and M-CHAT.

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