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 Washington - ASD/DD and Telehealth: Creating Connections for Children and their families, self-advocates, and providers


April 17-18, 2018 | Spokane, WA

The 2018 SPHARC Peer-to Peer Exchange took place in Spokane, WA and was hosted by the Washington State Department of Health grantee team. Peer to Peer 2018 aimed to increase knowledge about and resources for telehealth through a variety of learning activities. Telehealth (TH) remains an untapped resource for providing services to children and their families across the nation. There are inadequate numbers of providers and applied behavior analysis providers to meet the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities (ASD/DD). TH provides an opportunity to fulfill the need for services and supports for children and their families, self-advocates, and providers. 

Washington's Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities project, AS3D, is currently leveraging its resources and dynamic partnerships across the state to improve access to interventions and empower families of children with ASD/DD. During this meeting, participants learned how the WA AS3D team has collaborated with different partners, addressed challenges around funding and sustainability, and established buy-in to effectively strengthen policies at the state-level leadership and systems-level integration needed to ensure the timely identification of children and youth with ASD/DD and access to family-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, and culturally and linguistically competent services. Representatives from 10 states participated in the two-day meeting, including: Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin and the following themes were incorporated throughout all of the activities: cultural considerations and language access, social justice, the needs of rural and frontier communities and urban areas, self—advocate empowerment, and child/family-centric care.

Presentations and Resources 

State Poster Presentations 

During this meeting, all participating states were able to complete and share a poster presentation about their Telehealth activities. See what the states shared below. 

family provider panel.jpegsquare pegs intro.jpeg

Family & Provider Telehealth Consumer Panel                                                                 Washington state DOH and self-advocates