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 Rhode Island - Positive Youth Development

Picture of Rhode Island skylineThe Rhode Island Peer-to-Peer Exchange took place in Providence in June 2012, with representatives from DE, GA, ND, OH and TN participating. The exchange was led by The Autism Project, which began in 1997 when a group of educators, professionals and family members were concerned about the education of children with autism in the public schools. Today, the Autism Project continues to work to improve the education and the lives of children with autism by offering educational consultation services, professional and family training workshops, social groups, camps and conferences.

A collaborative approach to the comprehensive education and support of children with autism remains the heart of The Autism Project philosophy. The emphasis is on structured teaching, communication, visual supports and other strategies that are easily understood and can be put into practice by educators and family members. Professionals with years of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders, and extensive training in multiple areas, staff the Autism Project’s programs. Visit


Rhode Island Department of Health:

The Autism Project:

  • Resources for Professionals, The Autism Project - Includes ASD intervention strategies, recommendations and more
  • Resources for Parents, The Autism Project - Includes support groups, ASD training programs, programming for individuals with ASD and more

Other Resources:Picture 2 of Rhode Island Peer-to-Peer exchange meeting