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Below are additional resources from national partners:


​Action Planning Resources

As part of the transformation of the Title V MCH Services Block Grant, a new set of National Performance Measures (NPMs) were developed in partnership with states, families, and other stakeholders. This included a NPM related to developmental screening (NPM#6). To assist states in their action planning, SPHARC developed a set of resources related to state systems for developmental and autism screening. 

Toolkit screenshot iconNPM #6 Implementation Toolkit: Provides Title V programs with evidence-based/-informed practices, reports, publications, and resources specific to the NPM on developmental screening, which can be adapted and implemented at the state/territory and community levels. Click here to access the full series of AMCHP's NPM Implementation Toolkits.

document symbol Resources for Title V Action Planning: Developmental Screening Strategies and Measures: Highlights sample state strategies, strategy measures, and data sources/resources to improve developmental screening that states could use to help inform their action plans.

Connections image Putting It All Together: Case Example on Using CYSHCN Standards and SPHARC Tools and Resources to Develop an Action Plan: Shows how a (hypothetical) state could use SPHARC and other AMCHP tools to develop objectives, strategies and measures related to the Title V NPM#6 on
            developmental screening. Appendices can be downloaded separately below.

    1. State "X" In-Depth Systems Assessment Example [PDF]
    2. Directions for the In-Depth Assessment Tool and Blank Assessment Worksheet - Fillable PDF and Word Doc
    3. Worksheet: Objectives, Strategies and Measures for Title V Block Grant Developmental Screening NPM [Word Doc]
    4. More resources and assessment tools for the other National CYSHCN Systems Standards domains can be found here.

Landscape graphic National Landscape: Program and Initiatives to Promote Developmental and Autism Screening: Provides information on federal and national programs that have a specific objective/measure around developmental screening.

Matrix image U.S. State/Jurisdiction Matrix of which states have/had certain grant or technical assistance programs related to developmental and autism screening.

Archived Webinar: Developmental/ASD Screening Resources Overview and Introduction

On June 23, 2015, SPHARC hosted a webinar to introduce the above resources and provide an overview of the  content, as well as next steps for technical assistance. Click on the links below to access the materials and recording from that webinar:


Archived Materials

Below are related resources from past SPHARC webinars, Peer-to-Peer Exchanges and technical assistance meetings:

  • 2019 American Public Health Association (APHA) conference presentation. Click here to view the presentation slides on Improving State Systems for Parent-Engaged Developmental Monitoring: A Review of Eight Years of State System-Level Grantee Work [November, 2019]. 
  • 2019 Help Me Grow National Forum Presentation. Click here to view the presentation slides on Integrating Title V Data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS). [May, 2019]. 
  • National Landscape of Developmental ScreeningPlease check out the following recording featuring SPHARC staff, Anna Corona and Paige Bussanich, giving a presentation to New Hampshire developmental screening stakeholders. This presentation featured an overview of Title V activities related to NPM 6 as well as a discussion of SPHARC resources. Although data presented are specific to New Hampshire, this presentation can be used in many different settings. SPHARC would be happy to provide technical assistance to your state or territory, as it realtes to NPM 6. If interested, please contact Paige Bussanich
  • 2018 CityMatCH Conference Presentation. Click here to view the presentation slides on Early Childhood Developmental Screening and Title V: Building Better Systems [September, 2018].
  • NPM 6 Webinar: Please check out the following slides  and recording from the Developmental Screening Alignment: National Performance Measure 6 Data and Strategies webinar [July, 2018] from Ashley Hirai, Senior Scientist, Office of Epidemiology and Research, HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau and Colleen Reuland, Director, Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership (OPIP). For additional resources check out the following article on Prevalence and Variation of Developmental Screening and Surveillance in Early Childhood.
  • 2018 National Head Start presentation: Click here to to view the presentation slides on Leveraging Partnerships to Build Better Systems of Care for Early Childhood Development [April, 2018]. 
  • CityMatCH Presentation: Please check out the Implementing the National Standards for Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs and Assessment slides and video presentations featuring Sharifa Peart and Susan Chacon for the 2017 Action Learning Collaborative [September, 2017].  
  • Peer to Peer Exchanges: The Alaska (2010) and Maryland (2014) Peer-to-Peer Exchange programs brought together state grantees to discuss barriers and best practices, and share innovative models to improve screening, referral and response in their states. Screening, referral and response was also the topic of the 2015 Northeast Regional Conference.
  • Diagnosis and Screening Technical Assistance calls: Click here to see archived technical assistance calls related to early and continuous screening. Other related webinars include: Learn the Signs. Act Early. 101 [Mar. 2012]; Screening, Referral and Treatment for Developmental Delay: Using EPSDT to Support State Initiatives [Mar. 2011]

Issue Brief: Title V Developmental Screening Activities

September 2017 - AMCHP, in partnership with the National Institute for Children's Health Quality, is happy to share a new issue brief called "Early Childhood Developmental Screening and Title V: Building Better Systems." This issue brief delves into Title V program developmental screening activities that aim to establish or improve comprehensive systems of care for children and families. It can be used as a tool to inform staff, public health professionals, partners and stakeholders of different developmental screening-related strategies that could be applied in communities, and to learn examples of hoIw state programs are implementing strategies. Read more about the issue brief here.

Environmental Scan: State Developmental and Autism Screening Activities

Environmental Scan screenshotIn 2014, AMCHP's SPHARC released several publications related to an environmental scan on developmental and ASD/DD screening:


Communicating the Value of Module.jpgDevelopmental Screening Learning Module 

SPHARC is happy to share this new interactive, self-paced learning module called "Communicating the Value of Developmental Screening." This informational module aims to build capacity of Title V leaders and other health professionals in articulating the value of developmental screening with various stakeholders by helping its users:

  • Identify the purpose of developmental screening,
  • Understand the impact screening has on families and children,
  • Recognize the roadblocks and challenges of the screening process,
  • Understand the role of Title V in developmental screening and communicate its value,
  • and identify additional resources to assist in communicating value.

Whether you are a Title V leader, health care provider, family member, or other key stakeholder, this module is a great tool for you! To access the module, click here or click on the picture above. If you experience any issues accessing the module, please email Paige Bussanich at


Please check out the following recording from SPHARC staff, Paige Bussanich and Anna Corona, of a presentation delivered virtually to a group of New Hampshire stakeholders. The 15-minute presentation features information on NPM6, state examples, as well as an overview of relevant SPHARC resources. While data shown is specific to New Hampshire, SPHARC staff are available to talk to you specifically about data that is relevant to your state or territory. Please contact Paige Bussanich if you are interested in technical assistance from SPHARC! 


2019 American Public Health Association (APHA) presentation. Click here to view the presentation slides on Improving State Systems for Parent-Engaged Developmental Monitoring: A Review of Eight Years of State System-Level Grantee Work [November, 2019]. 


Attendees learned about SPHARC’s Issue Brief created in partnership with NICHQ in 2017. During this presentation, SPHARC staff focused on sharing the Title V Strategies and Measures on NPM6, which included perspectives from the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems CoIIN grant team from Indiana on their strategies.