Title V Early Childhood Data Integration Toolkit

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The Title V Data Integration toolkit is a collection of resources that aims to assist states as they integrate Title V data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS). The toolkit consists of three types of resources:

  • Title V Data Integration Tip Sheets: one-pagers that offer tips, key considerations, and resources around the identified topic area;

  • Title V Data Integration Use Cases: Visual examples of how to present information around a key question or priority to an ECIDS in order to receive appropriate data that can inform decision-making; and

  • State Examples: Examples of states that have integrated or are effectively sharing public health data leading to valuable insight into the experiences of children and their families.

With these tools, Title V leaders and stakeholders can access and learn about best practices for data integration to help with discussing early childhood data integration, identifying needs and tailoring programs in their respective population-based area. See for yourself how this new toolkit can aid your data integration efforts!

To get a more in-depth overview of the toolkit and its contributors, click here

Fact Sheet.JPG New Fact Sheet details the What, Where, and How of the AMCHP Title V Data Integration Toolkit!

The fact sheet provides a quick glance of the glossary of resources that aim to assist states as they integrate Title V data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS). The fact sheet covers the following:

WHAT is the Title V Early Childhood Data Integration Toolkit? (including WHERE you can find it)

HOW can you use the toolkit? The fact sheet describes the three main resources in the toolkit (tip sheets, use cases, and state examples) and how Title V staff can use these resources and other available resources.

How to Use This Tool 


​1. Hover your cursor over the "Title V Early Childhood Data Integration Toolkit" located in the left-hand toolbar.


2. From the expanded menu, choose which resource webpage (e.g. tip sheets, use cases or state examples) you would like to explore further.


​3. Peruse the resources on the chosen webpage that relate to your work. 

Early Childhood Toolkit Webinars “Training Sessions”

AMCHP just closed out their webinar/working-session series on their new tool, the Title V Data Integration toolkit, which is a collection of resources that aims to assist states as they integrate Title V data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS). See below for topics and recording links for all 3 sessions.

2018 Annual Conference

Integrating Title V Data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS)

This skills-building session, hosted by SPHARC, was held at the 2018 AMCHP Annual Conference in Arlington, VA. This skills-based training was an interactive session that 1) Familiarized participants with Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems; 2) Showed existing examples of health data integration and introduced SPHARC's Title V Data Integration Toolkit; and 3) Provided a deep dive into the toolkit use cases through an interactive activity.

See below to access the slides, discussion handouts, and support resources:

  • Slide presentation—Paige Bussanich, MS, Senior Program Manager, Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs, AMCHP; Kate Grannemann, MPA, AEM Education Services, Applied Engineering Management Corporation; Jessica deMonsabert, PhD, Senior Research and Evaluation Associate, Applied Engineering Management Corporation
  • ECData Works—Data Story template
  • Use Case Scenarios 

Spread The Word! 


AMCHP is very excited to share this resource with the pubic health community! Please feel free to spread the word with any networks or colleagues you think may find this tool useful. 

Here is the link to the toolkit release article. This article provides background information on the toolkit. 

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