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SPHARC is​ a comprehensive web-based resource center intended to provide ongoing technical assistance and facilitate cross-state learning to increase the capacity of states, particularly Title V programs, in developing and implementing systems of care for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities (ASD/DD) through resource development, technical assistance and peer learning.


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The HRSA State Planning and Implementation Grants for Improving Services for Children and Youth with ASD/DD have been awarded to state or nonprofit agencies in 30 states, including 12 Title V programs. Grantees have focused on implementing existing state plans to improve services for these young people and their families.

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As part of the recent transformation of the Title V MCH Services Block Grant, a new set of National Performance Measures (NPM) were developed in partnership with states, families and other stakeholders. To assist states in their action planning, SPHARC has developed a set of resources related to state systems for developmental and autism screening.

SPHARC's resources cover topics such as:

  • Sample developmental screening strategies and measures
  • Using National CYSHCN Standards and SPHARC tools to develop an action plan
  • Overview of national programs and initiatives to promote developmental and autism screening
  • Environmental scan

To access more SPHARC Developmental & ASD/DD Screening resources, click here.

Learning Modules

SPHARC has developed learning modules around the six critical indicators for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) to provide targeted learning opportunities to state Title V programs and others working to improve the system of care for children and youth with ASD/DD.

To learn more about the SPHARC learning modules, click on the subjects below or click here.

Easy to Use Services/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/PublishingImages/EasyToUse.png
/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/Pages/EasytoUseServices.aspxNew tab
Early & Continuous Screening/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/PublishingImages/Early_Continuous.png
/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/Pages/EarlyContinuousScreening.aspxNew tab
Medical Home/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/PublishingImages/MedicalHome.png
/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/Pages/MedicalHome.aspxNew tab
Transition to Adulthood/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/PublishingImages/TransitionToAdulthood.png
/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/Pages/TransitiontoAdulthood.aspxNew tab
Insurance & Financing/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/PublishingImages/Insurance_Financing.png
/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/Pages/InsuranceFinancing.aspxNew tab
Family-Professional Partnerships
/programsandtopics/CYSHCN/projects/spharc/LearningModule/Pages/Family-ProfessionalPartnerships_New.aspxNew tab
Autism CARES Act 101
Autism CARES Act landing pageNew tab


Peer-to-Peer Exchange

SPHARC's Peer-to-Peer Exchange program is a mechanism for states to learn from SPHARC Peer to Peer.PNGone other about building systems of care for children and youth with autism, share best practices and lessons learned, and develop plans of action for moving ahead.


To learn more about SPHARC's Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program, click here.


Technical Assistance Calls 

SPHARC Technical Assistance Calls are held every other month, and feature speakers who are experts in the topic area. Calls are not currently open to the public, but recordings and/or resources from calls are archived to this site.


To learn more about SPHARC's Technical Assistance Calls, click here.

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Current and former grantees can log-in to the shared members GroupSpace at:​. Our ASD/DD Community of Learners grantees can log-in to the shared team site at: Both webpages are members-only online forums to share files, resources, information and facilitate connections through a listserv and discussion page.

Questions about SPHARC's GroupSpace page and the Community of Learners page can be directed to

​​Staff Contacts    

Picture of AMCHP Staff Kate Taft​Kate Taft
Associate Director 
Child and Adolescent Health 
(202) 266-3056

Paige Bussanich2.jpgPaige Bussanich
Senior Program Manager, CYSHCN 
(202) 266-3042
Shanel Tage
Program Analyst, CYSHCN
(202) 266-3046


This project is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant number UJ0MC31068 Partnership for State Leadership Community Cooperative Agreement – State Public Health Coordinating Center for Autism ($275,000). The content and conclusions are those of the author and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government.


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