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Following their publication, the National Standards were broadly disseminated. State programs, particularly Title V CYSHCN programs, that have used the Standards reported that they help recognize the systemic needs of all CYSHCN, address systems of care comprehensively and they are based on evidence-based or evidence-informed practices. Below are examples of how the National Standards have been used. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis as we feature different state examples. 

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State Presentations
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​Action Learning
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​Case Studies
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These AMCHP workshop and webinar presentations highlight state examples of implementing the National Standards.

Kansas: As part of a strategic planning project, Kansas facilitated regional tours, developed provider and consumer surveys, and conducted internal planning meetings using the Standards as a framework to highlight strengths and identify areas to improve the current system of care and enhance workforce capacity.

Minnesota: Minnesota assessed state-wide provision and receipt of care coordination services by using the Standards as a mechanism to define how to achieve a coordinated system of care, and identify needs that helped develop a statewide care coordination framework. Texas and New Mexico: Serving CYSHCN in Medicaid Managed Care: Contract Language and the Contracting Process
The recording is available from an AMCHP webinar that highlighted Title V leaders' perspectives on how their CYSHCN programs have been involved in the Medicaid managed care contracting process. 

AMCHP, in partnership with NASHP, provides intensive technical assistance through Action Learning Collaboratives (ALC).

Georgia and New Mexico - In March 2017, AMCHP, in partnership with NASHP, launched an ALC with Georgia and New Mexico to implement the Standards and support to state teams in piloting new Standards implementation tools.
Georgia, Massachusetts and West Virginia: Committing to National Standards and Strengthening Medicaid Managed Care 
This session at the 2018 AMCHP Annual Conference highlighted how GA, MA and WV applied the National Standards to their work through an ALC, with a focus on Medicaid Managed Care and data and quality measures.

To learn more about how Title V programs are implementing the National Standards, AMCHP developed case studies offer strategies and best practices.

·    Iowa's Title V CYSHCN Program: Using the National Standards to Build Family Leadership and Partnership

·    New Mexico’s Title V CYSHCN Program: Using the National Standards as a Framework for Educating Stakeholders

·    New York’s Title V CYSHCN Program: Using the National Standards as a Framework for Action Planning and Data Analysis

·   Rhode Island's Title V CYSHCN Program: Using the National Standards to Guide Improvements in Statewide Care Coordination

·   Washington’s Title V CYSHCN Program: Using the National Standards as a Framework to Sustain Statewide Systems Improvements