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 Innovation Station Best Practices Search

​Welcome to the Innovation Station, AMCHP's searchable database of emerging, promising and best practices in MCH! This database allows you to learn more about MCH programs across the U.S. and to benefit from the lessons learned by your peers. Use the search fields below to locate the innovative programs AMCHP has collected. You can then click on the program title to download a summary of activities, evaluation, outcomes, lessons learned and resources.

 Best Practices Search

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National Performance


 Search Instructions

How to Use the Best Practices Search Feature

Browse for practices by clicking on a search criteria (e.g., Practice Category) or any combination of search options. After you enter your search options, the results will automatically display in a new window. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

  1. There are no required fields.
  2. The blank space in the drop down boxes is the equivalent of the "ALL" option.
  3. Practices can address multiple health outcomes. If you don't find any practices using the "Primary Topic" field, try searching for Populations instead. This will likely yield the most results.
  4. To view the descriptions of the 15 NPMs, hover over the text National Performance Measures above and click on it.  
  5. To clear the search function, simply click on the Clear button and search for your next practice.  

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