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 Step 6: Ensure Use of Evaluation Findings and Share Lessons Learned

The goal of the evaluation is to provide information to use towards improving the program. Evaluation results can be used to demonstrate program effectiveness, identify ways to improve programs, modify program planning, demonstrate accountability, and justify funding.

Five elements crucial to ensuring use of evaluation results:

• Recommendations: What actions should be considered as a result of the evaluation? Recommendations must be supported by evidence while keeping stakeholder values in mind.

• Preparation: Prepare stakeholders for using evaluation results by rehearsing how certain outcomes of evaluation would affect program operations.

• Feedback: Involve all stakeholders early in the evaluation process and provide continuous feedback from interim findings and other data sources.

• Follow-up: Provide support to users throughout the evaluation process through communication and follow-up meetings.

• Dissemination: Share the evaluation procedures, results and lessons learned. There are a number of different reporting and dissemination strategies for evaluations results. Many programs use a formal evaluation report.