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AMCHP and the National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators are please to partner with the State Adolescent Health Resource Center of the Konopka Institute for Best Practices in Adolescent Health, University of Minnesota to provide technical assistance around preparing for an implementing the system capacity assessment process.

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Sample Adaptation for Local Health Department Use

Oregon Office of Family Health Pilots Adaptation of System Capacity Tool with Local Health Departments

In 2004, the Oregon Department of Health Services, Office of Family Health, pilot-tested the adaptation of the System Capacity Tool for Adolescent Health: Public Health Improvement Tool for use with local health departments. The adaptation was designed to provide a simple tool for assessing community capacity for providing population-specific health services and public health education to adolescents, individuals ages 10-24.

Provided here are samples of correspondence and instructions for local health department adaptation including:

  • Introductory letter to local health departments
  • Step-by-step Instructions
  • Overview of resources provided with introduction
  • Definition of terms provided with introductory letter
  • Overview of relationship to ten essential public health services

Also included here is a sample of the local tool.

Snapshot Adaptation

Although the System Capacity for Adolescent Health: Public Health Improvement Tool provides more in-depth opportunity for discussion and analysis, opportunities may arise that call for a brief “snapshot” of the concepts in the tool before moving into full assessment. The following sample adaptation of the tool was created for just that purpose. It could be useful in a variety of ways including:

  • An individual considering briefly, and in very broad terms, what capacity might already exist in certain areas.
  • Providing a quick orientation to the six capacity areas and some broad related questions about each capacity areas.
  • Conducting a quick assessment at meetings, conferences, or other venues that offer opportunities for brief interactions with captive audiences.


For technical assistance to explore the use of this tool in your state or territory, and to be connected with pilot states and others already using these resources, contact:

State Adolescent Health Resource Center
Kristin Teipel, BSN, MPH
Project Coordinator
Konopka Institute
University of Minnesota
717  Delaware  Street  SE, Third Floor
Minneapolis, MN  55414
(P) 612-624-0182
(F) 612-626-2134

AMCHP Staff Contacts

Sharron Corle
Associate Director, Adolescent Health
Region VIII Liaison
x109, (202) 266-3036

Lissa Pressfield, MHS
Program Manager, Adolescent Health
Region VII Liaison
x119, (202) 266-3037