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 Comprehensive Systems Supporting Adolescent Health


Given the dynamic, transitionary changes associated with adolescence, young people might find themselves needing guidance and support due to their susceptibility to impulsive and risky behavior. In order to best serve adolescents, a comprehensive systems approach should be utilized. Parents, health care providers, schools, community services, and other local and state-level systems play a unique and intricate role in adolescents' lives and could help ensure youth obtain the skills needed to navigate the transition into adulthood. Although system components are often siloed, components of the adolescent health system are connected and interrelated. A holistic, collaborative approach could aid positive adolescent development at a systems level. Additionally, comprehensive systems of care are particularly important for youth with special health care needs who must transition from pediatric to adult health care systems.

Key Resources

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A Conceptual Framework for Adolescent Health. A collaborative project of AMCHP and the National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators with generous support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. May 2005.