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 Youth Engagement Resources

YE toolkit.pngThis resource portal  includes a variety of strategies and examples to assist you, wherever you are in your youth engagement efforts. The items listed in this inventory are featured in the interactive learning module, Best Practices for Youth Engagement: A Resource for Title V/ Maternal and Child Health Programs. 

If you would like to navigate to resources related to your specific areas of interest, please choose a combination in the dropdowns below, as listed in the module itself. You can locate items by the subject matter, or by the resource type. By default, this page displays a comprehensive list of resources all at once.


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This toolkit *TEST 2* includes a varierty of strategies and resources to assist you, wherever you are in your youth engagement efforts.

If you would like to navigate to resources related to your specific areas of interest, please choose a combination in the dropdowns below. By default this page displays a comprehensive list of resources all at once.



Champions for Change Community Toolkit974451/9/2019 10:21:37 PM20 toolkit was developed as a resource to encourage local tribal and urban Indian communities to recognize and celebrate Native youth who are creating positive change across the nation.<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Champions for Change Community Toolkit</a>Operations;Partnership DevelopmentToolkits
Teen Self-Advocacy: How to Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate974411/9/2019 8:40:05 PM26 video offers insight on the teenage perspective in adolescent clinical care and encourages teens to advocate for the quality care they deserve as they enter adulthood.<a href="https&#58;//;" target="_blank">Teen Self-Advocacy</a>Operations;Demographic Focus - Youth ThemselvesToolkits;Case Studies;Templates (for outreach, activity facilitation, operations, etc.);Tip Sheets/Talking Points
Peer & Partner Recruitment: Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) 974631/14/2019 4:16:46 PM7 recruitment letter for organizations, activities, campaigns, and publications seeking to add youth voice and perspective, by showcasing the community reception of YAHA.<a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Peer &amp; Partner Recruitment&#58; YAHA</a>OperationsToolkits;Templates (for outreach, activity facilitation, operations, etc.);Tip Sheets/Talking Points
Continuum of Youth Involvement: Maine Youth Action Network974641/14/2019 4:30:22 PM6 visual depiction of the spectrum of interactions between youth & adults involved in fostering youth participation & tip sheet offering suggestions to improve adult & youth partnerships.<a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Continuum of Youth Involvement </a>Operations;Partnership DevelopmentTip Sheets/Talking Points
Statewide Youth Network (SYN) United Informational Videos974461/10/2019 11:30:09 PM channel of SYN-United Colorado Youth Advisors. Their mission is to support each other via resource sharing, communal training, networking and professional development opportunities.<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">SYN United YouTube Channel</a>Demographic Focus - Workforce Serving YouthOther
Voices of Transgender Adolescents in Healthcare974491/10/2019 11:40:02 PM video clip offers perspectives from transgender and gender non-conforming youth about their experiences and what they want from the healthcare system.<a href="https&#58;//;t=55s" target="_blank">Voices of Transgender Adolescents in Healthcare</a>Demographic Focus - Youth ThemselvesTip Sheets/Talking Points;Other
Syllabus: Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) 974601/14/2019 4:04:06 PM of the curriculum designed for implementing YAHA’s training in the Adolescent Health Program and other public health programs aimed to improve the lives of Alaska’s adolescents.<a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Syllabus&#58; Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) </a>OperationsTemplates (for outreach, activity facilitation, operations, etc.)
Background Flyer: Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) 974614/18/2019 5:17:23 PM flyer on the members of Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska: their mission, service activities, and call to action in support of youth voice for enhanced youth engagement. <a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Background Flyer&#58; YAHA</a>OperationsFact Sheets;Tip Sheets/Talking Points
Council Action Plans: Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) 974624/18/2019 5:19:12 PM’s community action project plans for improving the lives, health, and safety of adolescents in Alaska includes a review of an assessment conducted on healthy & unhealthy relationships.<a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Council Action Plans&#58; YAHA</a>OperationsFact Sheets;Other
Starting Questions for Adult Allies: Maine Youth Action Network 974651/14/2019 4:35:43 PM resource for adults seeking to strengthen youth groups working on social and/or public health issues in their community by encouraging them to examine their capacity to serve youth. <a href="http&#58;//" target="_blank">Starting Questions for Adult Allies</a>OperationsTip Sheets/Talking Points
Overview: Getting to Y 974661/14/2019 4:49:07 PM of Vermont middle school students learning to utilize Youth Risk Behavior Survey data as a springboard for civic activism. Initiative seeks to understand the “why” of youth behavior. <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Overview&#58; Getting to Y</a>Operations;EvaluationCase Studies
Evaluation: Getting to Y Middle School Pilot Program (2014)974671/14/2019 5:09:32 PM evaluation examines the program’s influence on perspectives of youth & adults around adolescent risk, resiliency, & healthy behaviors, and also programmatic impact on youth-adult teams.<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Evaluation&#58; Getting to Y Middle School Pilot Program (2014)</a>EvaluationCase Studies
Getting to Y: Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey Project Evaluation (2011)974681/14/2019 5:16:46 PM of the effectiveness of executing the Youth Risk Assessment Survey in Vermont schools, and an assessment of the impact of having schools and youth involved in the YRBS process.<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Getting to Y&#58; Vermont YRBS Evaluation Report (2011)</a>EvaluationCase Studies
Youth Advisory Structures: Suggestions for Agency Practice974691/15/2019 3:34:08 AM guidebook was developed by YouthPrise to help organizations create youth advisory groups, with strategies on how to generate, maintain, and sustain substantive advisory structures. <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Youth Advisory Structures</a>Operations;Partnership DevelopmentToolkits;Tip Sheets/Talking Points
Report: Holistic Indicators of Youth Development974701/15/2019 3:45:50 AM study aims to understand young people’s perspectives on healthy and fulfilling lives, addresses theories from adult researchers, and shares initial ideas from numerous young people.<a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Holistic Indicators of Youth Development </a>Evaluation;Demographic Focus - Youth ThemselvesCase Studies