Conference Presentations

Investing in Today's Youth Trailblazers and MCH Leaders of Tomorrow: Lessons Learned and Resources Developed Through Virtual Community of Practice

2019 CityMatCH Maternal and Child Health Leadership Conference

MCH Youth Engagement CoP and Toolkit_CityMatCH 2019.pdf

In 2015, the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs launched a virtual Community of Practice (CoP) focused on improving the capacity of MCH professionals and advocates to increase youth engagement in Title V programming. The CoP was created in response to the identified needs of the association’s members, including MCH directors, adolescent health coordinators, and other program managers in public health initiatives that deal with youth. (Data from member assessments, environmental scans of MCH programs, and annual conference evaluations). The CoP convened virtually, to allow MCH professionals from over 20 states to contribute content for learning and capacity building. A key deliverable of this community of practice surfaced: the development of a best practices toolkit, focused on strategies that MCH professionals can utilize to increase youth engagement in their initiatives, programming, and framework.  In late 2018, AMCHP released this culminating product: an online learning module titled “Best Practices for Youth Engagement: A Resource for Title V/Maternal and Child Health Programs.” The module houses an inventory of promising and best practices for youth engagement in MCH programs, derived from the CoP experience.

Materials from the AMCHP 2017 session "Fostering Innovation and Collaboration Through Title V to Advance Adolescent and Young Adult Health":