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 CoIIN Corner

Check out these exciting updates from a few of the AYAH CoIIN State Teams!

Updates include: 1) The launch of a statewide Child & Teen Check-up emoji-based marketing campaign, 2) Engaging youth as a part of specific CoIIN activities, 3) Recruitment of several school based health centers as demonstration sites for CoIIN Q.I. activities, and 4) Plans to implement trainings specific to LGBTQ best practices and confidentiality! Dive into the details of these updates below.

Indiana CoIIN Team:

The Indiana CoIIN team is working hard to promote the Adolescent well visit. Our team hosted a two day site visit in October with our coach, Iliana White, and other representatives from AMCHP, NPIN, Innovation Swarm and AYAH NRC to work on youth engagement and move from the "planning phase" to the "action phase." Since then, team members are feeling more comfortable in their roles. Staff have met with the lead nurses at our demonstration clinics in November to prepare for the patient satisfaction survey. This was an opportunity to explain the importance and benefits of the survey, and to work out logistics for collecting and submitting data. The clinics began disseminating the surveys mid-December. The CoIIN team also formed a marketing subcommittee to work on marketing and communications materials for the demonstration clinics, leveraging our young adult team member's experience to assess the "youth appeal" of the fliers. The CoIIN team is actively recruiting youth from Indianapolis to support out project and the completion of a youth friendliness assessment in our demonstration clinics.

Minnesota CoIIN Team:

Minnesota launched a statewide Child & Teen Check-up emoji-based marketing campaign for youth 16-20 years old on 12-4-17. The goal is to drive older teens and young adults to reach out for health care information and schedule a C&TC visit (MN's version of EPSDT). The campaign includes outdoor ads (bus shelters, light rail shelters, bus interiors and small billboards) in population-dense communities, social media ads (facebook, Instagram, mobile banners, mobile rich media) and a web microsite . The microsite introduces youth to C&TC, explains what to expect from the program, directs them to schedule an appointment (links to clinics, health plans to find clinic or to statewide C&TC Coordinators if no insurance or clinic). It also offers online resources on topics identified youth advisors as top health issues (stress, depression, sexual health, fitness, diet, insurance). For further information, contact Julie Neitzel Carr, MN Department of Health (

New Hampshire CoIIN Team:

New Hampshire's adolescent and young adult engagement is thriving. Their group adapted Vermont's environmental survey to assess the AYA-friendliness of clinics and tested their tool at a test site. The group will now use the tool to assess the two demonstration sites. A member of the youth team also reviewed several school district policies around sports physicals and is developing a summary of state and school policies regarding sports physicals. This summary will be presented to the NH CoIIN team and will guide their next steps. As New Hampshire hadn't partnered with youth previously, they are thrilled with their youths' contributions to the CoIIN work.

Washington CoIIN Team:

Washington State currently has three school based health center sites participating in the CoIIN pilot project, representing urban, suburban, and rural areas of the state. Two of the sites (Jefferson County School District and Kent-Phoenix Academy) are currently focused on youth engagement and quality improvement. These two sites will begin implementing the Patient Satisfaction Survey soon. The youth advisor on the state CoIIN team met with the Jefferson County Team in October to visit classrooms and promote the health center. The third site (Walla Walla School District) is focused on billing Medicaid for their services. They are working with the WA State Medicaid agency, represented on the state CoIIN team, (Health Care Authority) to contract with the Medicaid Managed Care Plans. Currently, they have met with two of the managed care plans to begin the contracting process. For more information, please contact Allison Templeton at

Vermont CoIIN Team:

The Vermont youth group, the RAYS (Raising Awareness for Youth Services), completed the clinical assessments of Vermont's 5 new clinical sites and are working on their summary reports. The RAYS have also changed their meeting structure; they will now include guest speakers who train them on different topics related to health advocacy. The RAYS will then work with the VT CoIIN team to train the demonstration sites in the same topics. On the training docket are LGBTQ best-practices and confidentiality.