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 Selected Resources from the AYAH Center and MCH Community

From the AYAH Center:

Establishing a Child Health Improvement Partnership: A How-to Guide is a complete guide on establishing a regional collaboration of public and private partnerships (e.g., insurers and other health care payers) to improve the quality of children's health care ("Improvement Partnership"). This includes information on creating a plan, cultivating successful partnerships, obtaining financial support, and forming an advisory group. This resource also provides lessons learned from nine states that have implemented the Improvement Partnership approach.

From the MCH Community:

Webinar: Transforming Health Care for Michigan Adolescents: Lessons Learned – Results Achieved!: An archived webinar in which the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services shared findings from a three-year demonstration project dedicated to sustainable health care practice change for Michigan medically underserved adolescents. Tracking data from the start of the project to the final year of the project, substantial improvements were made in the areas of clinic visit volume, communication, and interaction with adolescent patients, standardized risk screening, and more. Learn more about the project sites, activities, and qualitative and quantitative key findings in the project summary and the full project report. View the webinar and associated PowerPoint slides to learn more about the projects, lessons learned, and significant outcomes achieved.

Academic Pediatrics Supplement: "Raising Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Rate": The March issue of Academic Pediatrics supplement reviews 10 years of HPV vaccination experience and offers seven commentaries and 11 articles on topics ranging from parent and provider perspectives to information about the integration of HPV vaccine into health systems.

Think, Act, Grow (TAG) Playbook: The recent update includes the latest research and data on adolescent health and development. New sections provide action steps for workforce development professionals as well as information about and for adolescents with disabilities. Download the TAG Playbook from the OAH website or order free bulk copies by emailing

TAG Talks Video Series: Office of Adolescent Health worked with the federal Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs to create a series of videos featuring adolescent health experts. Each TAG Talk is accompanied by citations, resources, and discussion guides designed for professionals and family members.