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 2. System Mapping Video Series

​​​​​The five minute System Mapping Video S​eries introduces nine system mapping tools in brief 2-5 minute videos. While there are many system m​apping approaches available, this series specifically highlights those approaches that the National MCH Workforce Development Center has found the most useful as Title V (or other public health) leaders work to address wicked system problems. These high-level introductory videos are designed to help learners become familiar with each approach and what a resulting "map" might look like. There are many lenses we can use to study a given systems problem – picking the righ approach(es) depends on the nature of your problem, how your team most naturally approaches systems problems (which approach resonates the most), and the kind of insights that will most complement what your team has already learned using these or other methods. These videos will only scratch the surface of each method –  please reach out to the National MCH Workforce Development Center to learn more!​

Causal Loop Diagramming ​

​​Circle of Care 

Concept Mapping ​

​The Five R's ​​​

Network Mapping 

Process Flow Diagramming 


System Support Maps 

Whole System Mapping ​


The National MCH Workforce Development Center is funded by a cooperative agreement (#UE7MC26282) with the Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal and Child Health Bureau.