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 Partner to Support Comprehensive Approaches to Chronic Disease, with Emphasis on Programs Addressing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Issue Overview | AMCHP's Position | Title V's Role | Pending Legislation | AMCHP's Voice

Issue overview

Chronic diseases are the number one cause of death and disability in the United States.  Chronic diseases kill more than 1.7 million Americans yearly, account for 7 of every 10 deaths, and cause one-third of years of potential life lost before age 65.  More than 133 million Americans, or 45 percent of the total population, have at least one chronic disease.  Chronic disease impacts all Americans not only in terms of direct health outcomes, but the impact of chronic diseases on quality of life and systems to promote and improve health nationwide.  Chronic disease have a major impact on birth outcomes for pregnant women and the life expectancy of children, further complicate disabling conditions, diminish the capacity of men and women to parent, and create emotional and financial burdens for families.

AMCHP's Position

AMCHP supports legislation designed to:

  • Promote comprehensive and integrated approaches to chronic disease prevention and control;
  • Develop public health infrastructure that prioritizes prevention;
  • Foster collaboration between a wide array of stakeholders (prevention, management, and treatment of chronic diseases are very complex and success depends on broad partnerships); and,
  • Facilitate the transition of youth from Title V programs to adult medical homes.
Title V’s Role

AMCHP’s current charge is to build partnerships with public health and clinical leaders in the chronic disease field.  Advocacy efforts will emphasize the:

  1. Values of Title V (models of family-centered, community-based, culturally competent care);
  2. Importance of a lifespan approach and access to preconception care to identify and intervene with chronic disease risk factors that could adversely impact pregnancy; and
  3. Need to invest in health promotion and prevention.
Pending Legislation

Currently, there is no pending national legislation that specifically addresses chronic illnesses.  However, Congress has indicated that they will likely introduce legislation pertaining to chronic disease prevention and management.

AMCHP’s voice

AMCHP is a member of two national coalitions providing leadership on chronic disease issues:

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease
The National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity