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 MCH Advocacy

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Maternal and child health practice involves advocacy for resources, policies, and programs that protect and promote the health of women, children, and families. As a national association dedicated to supporting state MCH programs and providing leadership on MCH issues, advocacy is core to what we do at AMCHP. We provide resources and assistance to individuals looking to get more engaged in policy development and be more effective in working with local, state, and federal policymakers.

This site contains resources you can use to advocate for the Title V MCH Services Block Grant and other MCH programs. This site also includes training and professional development resources that will contribute to developing your MCH Leadership Policy & Advocacy Competency.

Federal Affairs & Advocacy
As the national organization working on behalf of state Title V programs, AMCHP works daily with federal agencies, members of Congress, and key partners here in the nation's capital and nationwide to garner support for the Title V MCH Services Block Grant and other MCH programs. The Federal Affairs & Advocacy page highlights some of AMCHP's core work in the area of federal appropriations, regulations, and legislation related to MCH programs. For more information on these activities, please contact any member of our Policy Team.

State Title V Profiles
state profiles provide a snapshot of how the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant works in specific states. The profiles detail the Federal funds appropriated to each state, state match, specific programs funded, numbers of people receiving services and state health needs. These profiles are designed to be helpful to AMCHP members and partners when describing what the Federal and state funds support, who Title V programs help and what priority issues should be addressed.

As a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization AMCHP complies fully with all Federal regulations, restrictions and established practices governing advocacy and lobbying activities. No Federal funding is used to engage in any lobbying activities and all legislative activities are closely monitored and audited for compliance with all relevant legislation.