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 Advocacy Tools & Resources

Advocacy Resources & Tools

AMCHP developed a number of resources and tools to inform and educate our members and partners about key policy issues related to maternal and child health (MCH).  

In case you missed it, a recording of AMCHP’s May 5th all member MCH policy update teleconference is here.

AMCHP Testimony to U.S. House of Representatives on Need to Sustain Title V MCH Block Grant Funding
AMCHP submitted written testimony for the record reinforcing the request for sustained funding and documenting the cost-effectiveness of numerous Title V supported MCH interventions. A copy of this testimony is available here

Visit the Action Center to view our core advocacy messages, contact your Member of Congress directly via our on-line systemIn addition to contacting your Member of Congress, you might also consider a few of the following other ways to advocate for MCH programs.

Share Your MCH Needs and Priorities
Identify opportunities to educate Members of Congress and key partners about state MCH priorities and needs. Share current needs assessments and reports. Bring attention to MCH needs and priorities with other groups. These entities such as family leaders, key civic groups, local and state chapters of maternal and child health professional organizations, including health care providers and allied health professionals may advocate on your behalf. 

Use these links to find out more about your state MCH program and its current priorites and needs.

Write a Letter to the Editor, Share an Op-Ed, or post on a blog
Work with your local newspaper and media outlets to share an editorial on the impact of cuts to MCH programs in your community and state. 

Click here for tips on how to submit a Letter to the Editor and draft Op-Ed template you can edit and share. 

Below are examples of Op-Eds placed by AMCHP:

New York, NY Newsday, "Healthy investment for moms, babies."  May 6, 2011
Des Moines, IA Register, "Honor our mothers by backing Title V." May 7, 2011
Lexington, KY Herald-Leader, "Support for Title V honors our mothers." May 7, 2011

Share Your
Message via Social Media!
Social media is an excellent way to extend the reach of our messages and generate support for MCH programs.  Post on your own pages and be sure to follow AMCHP on Twitter and "like" us on Facebook!

To follow AMCHP on Twitter, click To like AMCHP on Facebook, click .


AMCHP's Fiscal Year 2013 "Ask Sheet"
AMCHP's 2013 Ask Sheet summarizes our request to sustain funding for the Title V MCH Block Grant and share basic information on the work of Title V nationwide. This one-page document is a helpful tool to share with policymakers and partners. 

Click here to download the fact sheet.


MCH Pyramid of Health Services
This one-page document graphically illustrates the four levels of health services at which the Title V MCH Services Block Grant operates within states and territories.  It is a helpful way to conceptualize the many types of activities states and territories may use their Block Grant funding to support.

Download the MCH Pyramid of Health Services.

As a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization AMCHP complies fully with all Federal regulations, restirctions and established practices governing advocacy and lobbying activities.  No Federal funding is used to engage in any lobbying activities and all legislative activities are closely monitored and audited for compliance with all relevant legislation.  If you have questions about AMCHP's specific lobbying activities please contact our Director of Policy (see the "Advocacy Contacts" link to the left).