AMCHP Legislative & Policy Agenda

AMCHP's policy and advocacy work are guided by 
AMCHP's board of directors and our Legislative and Health Care Finance Committee comprised of AMCHP members and partners. AMCHP's Strategic Plan includes developing and implementing an annual legislative and policy agenda. This agenda specifies where we will devote our advocacy resources and highlights key policy and advocacy activities for AMCHP. 

With all that we could do to support state MCH programs and provide national leadership on issues affecting women, children, and families, we use this agenda to make explicit what we will do in terms of advocacy on an annual basis. Tier 1 priorities are items for which AMCHP will play a lead role. Tier 2 priorities are items for which AMCHP will work in partnership to support. Tier 3 priorities are items that are important to AMCHP, things that we will monitor, and areas that may develop into future Tier 1 or Tier 2 items.

AMCHP Policy Agenda 2018.pdf

As a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization AMCHP complies fully with all Federal regulations, restrictions and established practices governing advocacy and lobbying activities. No Federal funding is used to engage in any lobbying activities and all legislative activities are closely monitored and audited for compliance with all relevant legislation.