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 A Statement from the President of the Board on the Election Results

November 9, 2016

Hello AMCHP Family,

The dawn today came as it always does.  Indeed, the dawn of a new America also came today  and in that reality, we have to find our anchor. Without a doubt, this election cycle has challenged our sense of stability and partnership, changing conversations along the way. And on this day, many conversations will be saturated in hopelessness, while others will be soaked with the hope that comes with change.

American democracy is dynamic; it was designed to constantly evolve. AMCHP has always remained solid throughout changes in leadership as our commitment to women and children is nonpartisan. What makes the tapestry of AMCHP so beautiful is how our members come to this work with deep diversity of thought, experiences and solutions. Partners rely on AMCHP for guidance and expertise, knowing that the membership is steadfast in seeking that which is objectively right for the health and well-being of women and children. This has not changed, nor will it ever change. We must continue to remain strong in this role – a trusted and informed organization. The pulse of AMCHP remains strong and beats a drum for vulnerable populations through partnership, advocacy and evidence. Today, just like yesterday and still tomorrow, we will continue reflect excellence in our work on behalf of the maternal and child health population.

Last year, our AMCHP membership ushered in a new set of goals for our organization, strategically guiding our path through 2018. These goals remain anchored despite changes in leadership at the national, state and local level. Children with special health care needs and their families are among many vulnerable populations, and we can be proud that AMCHP has always put our stake in the ground to assure health provisions are inclusive. This remains the undercarriage of our goals, a unique component of AMCHP's identity and work. As you process all that has occurred in the past 24 hours, remember our collective goals which unite us in our work. Our focus remains on promoting evidence-based policies and programs, a strong and diverse workforce, aligning resources and increasing support for the MCH population. Collectively we set these goals, and collectively we reach these goals.

As a parent of four young Americans, I know their generation is seeking answers as well as anchors. Their generation believes strongly in the principles of partnership, collaboration, solutions and peace. The AMCHP family embodies these principles, and I am eager to work alongside my fellow maternal and child health colleagues to illuminate these principles with the new leadership.

Thank you for "showing up" today and for bringing your commitment and passion with you. Please continue to do so, as this is what connects and unifies us. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or just want to process.  Let's link arms and cross this bridge together!