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 Hill Day Visits

Meetings with Members of Congress

Thank you to everyone who participated in Hill Visits during the AMCHP annual conference on February 10-13, 2018! 

Our AMCHP staff continues to advocate for many of the priorities that we discussed with Members of Congress and their staff during our 2018 Conference. Should you ever have questions about our current legislative priorities, please feel free to Contact the AMCHP Policy Team.

Materials for Hill Day Visits

Below are the advocacy materials currently used by AMCHP staff which outline our priorities for the upcoming year. Please feel free to use these materials as needed to support Maternal and Child Health:


As a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization AMCHP complies fully with all Federal regulations, restrictions and established practices governing advocacy and lobbying activities. No Federal funding is used to engage in any lobbying activities and all legislative activities are closely monitored and audited for compliance with all relevant legislation.