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The AMCHP Resource Library is your place to find resources covering all aspects of maternal and child health across all of our formats: infographics, toolkits, archived webinars, publications (including reports, fact sheets, and issue briefs), learning modules, videos and other multimedia. All materials in the library were produced by AMCHP (including materials created with partners).

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AYAH CoIIN State Profiles871565/23/2018 1:49:38 PM88 of CareQuality Improvement ProjectsInfographicThis shows how AYAH CoIIN States are identifying and implementing evidence-based strategies: The goal is to increase access to and the quality of preventive health care visits for AYA.<a href="/programsandtopics/AdolescentHealth/Documents/ayah-coiin-state-profiles-final.png">ayah-coiin-state-profiles-final.png</a>Child and Adolescent Health
2018 AMCHP Annual Conference Hill Visit Report255523/29/2018 9:03:08 PM59 representation of meetings held with Members of Congress during the 2018 AMCHP Annual Conference.<a href="/Calendar/Conferences/amchp-conference/archive/2010Handouts/HillVisitReport.JPG" target="_blank">HillVisitReport.JPG</a>2018
Quality Improvement Resources for Epidemiologists Factsheet (2014) 255624/2/2018 6:31:57 PM26 Policies and PracticesAccess and UtilizationPublicationQuality improvement in the maternal child health field. <a href="/programsandtopics/data-assessment/Documents/QIforEpidemiologists12-22-14_Final.pdf" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />QIforEpidemiologists12-22-14_Final.pdf</a>2014Epidemiology & Evaluation
Engaging Diverse Populations: State Examples255403/23/2018 6:47:30 PM209 case study reports provide examples of engaging families and engaging diverse populations in Texas and Kentucky.<a href="/programsandtopics/family-engagement/SiteAssets/Pages/default/Engaging%20Diverse%20Populations%20Case%20Study.pdf" target="_blank">Engaging%20Diverse%20Populations%20Case%20Study.pdf</a>2016Family, Youth & Community Engagement
Bright Futures: An Essential Resource for Advancing the Title V National Performance Measures255634/16/2018 3:47:36 PM187 issue brief provides an overview of the Bright Futures Guidlines and how the Guidelines correlate with the Title V National Performance Measures and can serve as an effective resource for state MCH programs. <a href="/Policy-Advocacy/health-reform/Documents/Bright%20Futures_Final%20Version%20_April2018.pdf"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />Bright Futures_Final Version _April2018.pdf</a>2018Title V
Voices of Transgender Adolescents in Healthcare974431/10/2019 11:23:20 PM12 video clip offers perspectives from transgender and gender non-conforming youth about their experiences and what they want from the healthcare system. <a href="https&#58;//;t=55s" target="_blank">Voices of Transgender Adolescents in Healthcare</a>
Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH) Program974564/18/2019 5:14:14 PM12 Innovation Station profile of the PATCH program, noted as a promising practice to improve youth’s health care experiences through an innovative, multiprong, community-based approach.<a href="/programsandtopics/BestPractices/InnovationStation/ISDocs/PATCH_2019_FINAL.pdf" target="_blank">Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH) Program</a>
IM toolkit 255584/2/2018 6:24:16 PM15 Policies and PracticesAccess and UtilizationToolkitThe State Infant Mortality Collaborative (SIMC) was established in response to the 2002 increase in the infant mortality rate, as well as persistent racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality rates. <a href="/programsandtopics/data-assessment/InfantMortalityToolkit/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/ichtm.gif" />default.aspx</a>2004Epidemiology & Evaluation
Roadmap of MCH Economic Analysis Resources255594/2/2018 6:26:16 PM29 Policies and PracticesAccess and UtilizationPublication This roadmap aims to increase the knowledge base of current materials available as economic analysis resources applicable to the field of MCH. <a href="/programsandtopics/data-assessment/Documents/Roadmap%20of%20Resources.pdf" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />Roadmap%20of%20Resources.pdf</a>2014Epidemiology & Evaluation
MCH Epidemiology Methods and Practice Assessment Issue Brief (2014) 255614/2/2018 6:28:51 PM10 Policies and PracticesAccess and UtilizationPublicationThe Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) and CityMatCH partnered with the MCH Epi Group to conduct an assessment of the experiences, methods, approaches, and resources that strengthen and support the work of maternal and child health (MCH) epidemiologists and the field of MCH epidemiology (MCH epi).<a href="/programsandtopics/data-assessment/Documents/MCH%20Epi%20Issue%20Brief%20FINAL.pdf" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />MCH%20Epi%20Issue%20Brief%20FINAL.pdf</a>2014Epidemiology & Evaluation
The Need for an MCH Focus in Emergency Plans255654/24/2018 4:02:28 PM9 panel of presenters shared recent experiences with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and sparked a group discussion of emergency preparedness. This report shares the challenges, lessons learned and next steps in emergency preparedness identified by session participants.<a href="/AboutAMCHP/Newsletters/Pulse/EPR/Documents/Report_2006%20The%20Need%20for%20an%20MCH%20Focus%20in%20Emergency%20Plans.pdf" target="_blank">Report_2006%20The%20Need%20for%20an%20MCH%20Focus%20in%20Emergency%20Plans.pdf</a>2006Title V
Implementation Roadmap Webinars 2556811/27/2018 8:51:59 PM10 designed to support action planning to select evidence-based or –informed strategies. The webinars address 10 Title V population-based National Performance Measures (NPMs).<a href="/programsandtopics/BestPractices/InnovationStation/Documents/Implementation%20Roadmap%20Webinars.pdf" target="_blank">Implementation Roadmap Webinars</a>2016Epidemiology & Evaluation
Evaluation Brief: Providers and Teens Communicating for Health974581/14/2019 3:54:22 PM21 evaluation summary of the Wisconsin PATCH program’s effects on knowledge among youth and clinicians, intentions to seek and provide quality care, and reported change in care delivery. <a href="https&#58;//" target="_blank">Evaluation of a Curriculum to Improve Clinician Communication With Adolescents</a>
Why Early Childhood Matters: Infographic255551/2/2019 11:07:02 PM137 Policies and PracticesInfographicInfographic on the importance of early childhood experiences and health, and benefits of investing in early childhood programs.<a href="/programsandtopics/CHILD-HEALTH/projects/early-intervention-svcs/PublishingImages/EC_Infographic.png">Early Childhood Infographic</a>2014Child and Adolescent Health
History of Title V CYSHCN255973/30/2018 6:15:41 PM106 Learning ModulesThis module was developed in response to the need to understand the history, context and policies for Title V CYSHCN programs. It includes research-based content, resources and MCH expert perspectives.<a href="http&#58;//">2lSOJCP</a>2017Title V