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 MCH Population Communities of Practice


AMCHP Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice is a network of individuals with common problems or interests who get together to explore ways of working, identify common solutions and share good practices and ideas. Communities of Practice foster collaboration and dialogue among people interested in common goals, issues or practices and are an effective way of creating and sharing knowledge.

AMCHP is using the Community of Practice (CoP) model to:

  • Put members in touch with like-minded colleagues and peers
  • Allow members to share their experiences and learn from others
  • Allow members to collaborate and achieve common outcomes
  • Accelerate member learning
  • Validate and build on existing knowledge and good practice
  • Provide opportunities to innovate and create new ideas

AMCHP now hosts several Communities of Practice. All CoPs are intended to be collaborative spaces for members only. To access a CoP, you will need to sign up and sign in. The links below are provided as a one-stop-shop for all of the Communities@ AMCHP!

MCH Population Domains: In partnership with Johns Hopkins Strengthen the Evidence Base for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Programs initiative, AMCHP is hosting Communities of Practice around the MCH Population Domains. The purpose of these CoPs is to provide a space for peer sharing, which could include strategies related to the NPMs within the domain, ESMs for strategies, issues for group discussion and/or expert consultation and updates on new resources and materials related to the development of ESMs. State Title V staff engaged in the state action plan & developing ESMs will benefit from joining the CoPs. Benefits include participation in online discussion boards, interaction with peers and identification of topics that require further TA.
Once you are signed in, access Population Health Domain CoPs here:

To sign up for one of these communities, go directly to our Registration Form. To learn more about Title V Transformation and the Implementation Road Map Webinars, visit our Block Grant Transformation Page and webinar archive. If you have any questions about these CoPs, please contact Caroline Stampfel at

Family Engagement: The goal of the AMCHP Family Engagement CoP is to increase Title V capacity to engage families in their work. The CoP provides a platform to share ideas, innovations, lessons learned, successes and best practices from subject matter experts. This Community of Practice is not currently enrolling participants. If you would like learn more and request to join during the next period of enrollment, please contact Michelle Jarvis at

MCH Epi: This CoP serves as a space for MCH Epidemiologists to collect and share state MCH epi practices and resources. The goal of the MCH Epi CoP is for participants to increase their MCH epi capacity by helping one another overcome problems, test ideas, catalog acquired knowledge and enhance professional networks. Benefits include participation in online discussion boards, interaction with peers, access to suggested resources and identification of topics that require further TA. This CoP is open to all those interested in MCH Epi topics, and new participants are continually welcome to join the group! To sign up for this community, go directly to our MCH Epi Registration Form. If you have any questions about this CoP, please contact Krista Granger at

Return on Investment: This CoP offers peer learning for participants to discuss their interests, experiences, progress and challenges in developing an ROI project and analysis. The CoP site contains a variety of resource documents, relevant journal articles, step-by-step guidelines, tools and recorded webinars that capture the collective learning of participants and assist with knowledge sharing. The group includes participants at all stages; from those interested in learning more about ROI, those considering an ROI project to analyze their MCH programs, to those currently conducting an ROI analysis. This Community of Practice is open to all those interested in discussing the application of ROI methods in MCH programs, and new participants are continually welcome to join the group! For more information on how to join the Community of Practice for Return on Investment SharePoint site, please contact Krista Granger at