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 Health Reform Implementation

Vermont Creates Special Health Coverage Enrollment Period for Pregnancy
A new special enrollment period that took effect July 1 extends opportunities for pregnant women to enroll into a health plan through Vermont Health Connect, the state-based health care exchange.  The law, passed by the Vermont legislature in May (bill H. 620), allows pregnant women to enroll outside of the annual open enrollment period, and also extends access to contraceptives and vasectomies with no out-of-pocket costs to consumers. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Peter Shumlin on May 23. New York passed similar legislation in December 2015.

HHS Analysis: Consumers will have Affordable Health Coverage Options Next Year
Since the Affordable Care Act became law, health care prices have risen at the lowest rate in 50 years. A new analysis by the Department of Health and Human Services finds that consumers would continue to have affordable coverage options even if all Marketplace final health insurance premium rates were to increase by double digits next year. In a hypothetical scenario where all rates increase by 25 percent, the vast majority of consumers (73 percent) would be able to purchase coverage for less than $75 per month, the analysis says.