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 Board Corner

S. Payne.pngThese volunteer leaders were elected by you to care for AMCHP today and guide it into the future. Here they share information about themselves to give you a new MCH connection and a better understanding of the board members' roles, or simply to pique your interest in the work of your peers.

 This month, we have the privilege of introducing you to board members Shirley Payne and Gina Pola-Money, who were elected in 2016 to serve on the AMCHP Board of Directors.

Shirley Payne, MPH, has been an AMCHP member since 2013, serving in multiple volunteer capacities including as an active participant in the AMCHP Leadership Institute for CYSHCN Directors as well as the New Director Mentor Program. She joined the Board of Directors as the Region V Director representing Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Shirley earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in African-American and African Diaspora Studies from Indiana University in 2007, and later earned her Master of Public Health degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine, with concentrations in epidemiology and behavioral health science. She is pursuing her doctoral degree in Health Behavior from the Indiana University School of Public Health.

Shirley serves with the Division of Children’s Special Heath Care Services (CSHCS) within the Indiana Department of Health, where her primary responsibility is to administer Indiana’s CSHCS program, which is a supplemental coverage program that helps families of children with serious, chronic medical conditions pay for treatment related to their child’s condition. She also serves as the state’s Title V Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) director and is responsible for managing the CYSHCN portion of the Title V Block Grant.

Shirley has been dedicated to serving the special needs population for over seven years. Prior to working with the state, she worked as a team leader with St. Vincent New Hope (now New Hope of Indiana) in Indianapolis, Ind., and was instrumental in direct care coordination for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities on state Medicaid waivers. This experience gave her the desire to focus her career on maternal and child health, in particular working on behalf of the special needs population.

 “I have an undeniable passion for helping others,” Shirely said. “I have found that one of my greatest strengths is the ability to help those who cannot help themselves, need someone to advocate on their behalf, or motivate them in order to help themselves. Serving on the board allows me to do just that.”

“As a leader, I recognize that I am called to look beyond my own interests and needs to ensure a collective voice is represented for the entire maternal and child health population,” she adds. “I feel a sense of responsibility to ensure this happens for Region V.”

 Gina Pola-Money, A.S., Social Sciences, has been an active AMCHP member since 2001. She joined the Board of Directors this year as a family representative. G. Money.png

 Gina has over 29 years of experience navigating the health care system for her children with special health care needs, including dealing with medically complex, hospice and mental health issues. She is director of Utah Family Voices Family to Family Health Information Center, which provides supports for family needs as well as information to families and professionals about resources and health care financing. Gina is also a member of the family faculty of the Utah Regional LEND program, helping to bring the family voice to leadership education for professionals and gaining the perspective of her professional partners.

 "It is my greatest hope that I can give some of my passion and commitment to the organization that has done so much to help families of children and youth with special health care needs, like mine,” Gina says.

 Gina has also been actively involved with medical home and quality improvement initiatives, which include coordinating parent partner activities, family centered care and parent professional partnerships. She shares that she has been fortunate to benefit from the ongoing mentorship, collaboration and technical assistance of Family Voices and Title V.

 We thank and honor these two professionals for giving their time and expertise to AMCHP. Please take a moment to visit the AMCHP board page at for more details and to see how you can reach Shirley Payne and Gina Pola-Money.